Brave New World Smore

By John Chong

"One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them" - Mustapha Mond

When John Savage questions whether it is natural to “feel there’s a god” (Huxley 160), Mustapha Mond responds by saying that one does not just naturally believe things. He explains to John that everyone is conditioned to believe and that it isn’t natural to believe anything. This is very important in Brave New World because we are reminded of the conditioning that a majority of the characters have went through at birth and childhood when they make certain decisions and think certain thoughts. Conditioned beliefs may not seem very likely to apply to our world today, but they do apply and they are very real. Unlike Brave New World, however, we are conditioned not at birth but all throughout our lives. We are conditioned by society itself. Society as a whole tells us what to believe and how to believe and if anyone does not follow along, they are considered outcasts.

Earth: A Dystopia?

The Earth will never be a utopia; it will always be closer to a dystopia. Dystopias are products of the people who inhabit them and only a perfect people can bring about an ideal utopia. Humans, as we know, are far from perfect. Imperfect beings will bring about imperfect worlds. Today, there is still conflict and chaos. When people were asked in a poll whether or not humans will ever stop fighting wars, 90% answered no (Discover Magazine). Normally, one would think that after thousands of years, humans would fix their mistakes and settle each other's differences without taking actions with detrimental consequences. However, humans, as a whole, have always proven themselves as incapable of bettering themselves effectively. They say that history repeats itself. So far, this seems to be mostly true. Even in the last century, Adolf Hitler tried to effectively rule a large portion of the world on his own. Historically, any empire with a single person as a leader tended to not last very long. Many emperors of the Roman Empire were assassinated (PBS); the power of the king of England was vastly diminished; etc. Even after all of these factors, people seem to never learn their lesson. The Earth will continue to be a dystopia and even though a few of us may try to better it, due to simple human differences and misunderstandings, the long-term results will not change.

Imagine - John Lennon


Imagine (John Lennon) - ReMastered by cardell
Although he probably didn't imagine his ideal world to be run by a powerful government, Lennon essentially described the Brave New World from his song of his imagined utopia, Imagine. In his first verse, he imagines a world without religion. "Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try." As Mustapha Mond said in Brave New World, "God in the safe and Ford on the shelves" (Huxley 157), religion was completely banned and locked away. Lennon also imagines a world without countries and nothing to die for. Mond says that "there aren’t any wars nowadays" (Huxley 161). In his society, everything that humans could possible fight for has been replaced with soma and their own false sense of happiness. Although Lennon probably wasn't picturing a Brave New World scenario, his vague imaginings can be interpreted in a way that his dream world is one similar to the Brave New World.
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Genetic Engineering

Cloning has recently become an issue in the modern world. In the movie, GATTACA, the formerly lesser known ideas of genetic modification came to light (Sarah Buhr, "The World's First Genetically Modified Babies Will Graduate High School This Year," Cloning, today, is a very controversial matter. People are unsure of whether or not it is moral and of whether those moral problems can be balanced out by the advantages given by it. I, personally, believe that genetic engineering isn't wrong. As we, humans, continue to progress, 45 countries have already considered legalizing genetic human modification (Jessica Cussins, "Should we open the door to genetically modified babies?" Just like drugs, cloning can be used in many ways. Just as drugs can be used to help people (medicinal purposes), cloning can be used to help people (genetic disorders, fertility problems, etc.), as well. Don't get me wrong. Genetic engineering can, like drugs, be used with bad intentions. Cloning people can help design your very own superior race like in Brave New World. Individuality could potentially not exist if cloning is used incorrectly. However, genetic engineering has the utmost potential to be very beneficial to society as long as it is used correctly.

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