Local News Updates - The Feral Zone

Death, Destruction, Chaos, and Good Food.

The Greysuits: A Dangerous Job (Chris Armey)

There is no such thing as a day off if you are one of the Graysuit squad. Dealing with bio-hazardous material every day when protecting the wall, they come in contact with some nasty situations. “It’s rough, but we handle it well. It’s not a job most are willing to take, and even less people would actually be able to handle what we do anyway.” It’s a taxing job that is not for the faint of heart. They deal with very dangerous situations and people every day in the name of keeping our civilization safe. Preventing disease and radiation poisoning from the outside is a full time job! There is no reason to be frightened by the Graysuits, they are only interested in those who it is already too late for. Fearing those whose are here to protect us is irrational, they are just as hard working as you and I.

Recent Poll Shows Positive Public Opinion of Separation Wall (Tyler Hargreaves)

In a recent poll conducted by the national polling agency concluded that the wall constructed to keep undesirable conditions away from the mainland is highly regarded by the citizens. Numerous people commented on the issue and said the wall was “necessary” and “comforting” to see the separation from the other side.

New York resident Jim Lahey had this to comment “The wall really makes me feel safe. With all the crazy tomfoolery happening on the other side, I just can’t take the risk of being without protection from it. Maybe one day if we restore the east we can take it down, but for now, I like it. It makes me comfortable, and it makes me proud to be a citizen of the United States of America.”

Gang Violence On The Rise (Chris Armey)

Gangs have formed around the city, recruiting the youth of our society into their groups. These gangs do everything from selling extra rations to stealing from homes and even mugging people at night. These gangs solely rely on the members being completely unidentifiable, they wear dark clothes and self crafted masks. If you have to travel at night make sure you have a travel group or arm yourself and be alert. There seems to be at least two factions, one controlling the east side of town. We have not seen any violence between the two factions, so far they have focused solely on harassing general civilians. We advise people to be at their homes no later than 10pm, or else use extreme caution when making your commute.

Local Character Narrowly Escapes Death by Chorda (Tyler Hargreaves)

You know you’re having a bad day when you narrowly escape death with the aid of a fireplace tool. Lane McEvoy, stuck in a killing house, barely escaped a voracious monster late night yesterday. Authorities were dispatched to the scene and are currently investigating.

McEvoy in an interview conducted earlier, had this to say “By golly it might be the scariest day of my life. I would have been toast if it hadn’t been for this iron fireplace poker I found behind me. I whacked him in the face hoping that he would be done for good but no dice. I broke the window and hopped out and got myself out of there!”

As always, our news station always advises never to cross the wall, and remember to always be careful when dealing with these kind of situations.

Potential Cure for Ferae Squandered (Alex McClintic)

An Armadillo man was found last week in the Feral Zone with a strain of Ferae that could be conducive to finding a cure to the hideous disease. Everson, a leading biologist with several important disease breakthroughs, discovered this armadillo man’s existence and his potential to cure the world last week. An elite team was dispatched to retrieve this man when he showed his position in the Southwest Feral Zone on the Feradar; however, the mission went a-blunder.

The mission was launched to retrieve the Armadillo man from a village of ferals. Upon arriving at the village, the team scared the villagers and caused them to revolt. This resulted in several team member casualties as one member became infected and continued to infect two more members before they were all put down. While most members involved in the blunder chose not to respond, Everson mentioned that, “We must be willing to take more risks in order to achieve what is most necessary.” He also stated that this disease might be some form of Lupus.

Heat Crisis increases Outbreak of Ferae

As a results of the recent heat flares, Ferae has diffused across the wall into the outer districts. Grey Suit patrols and Contingency Reserves are rampant and working overtime to combat and control the Ferae epidemic before too many citizens mutate. In an effort to help facilitate the eradication of Ferae, it has been recommended that those who are infected either leave the city immediately or seek cremation. We are told these measures would greatly benefit those who are uninfected and help increase the longevity of society. All resistance by those infected or uninfected to Grey Suit testing policy will be met with force. Compliance is expected.

A Love Story in the Feral Zone (Rex Powers)

As you recently may have heard, Delaney McEvoy, the young girl who managed to run to the other side of the wall is not only risking her life but also she will have to choose between two young men who we can obviously tell she's attracted to. The first young man is the good-guy Everson, a science smarts person who's compassionate and has a drive to make a positive mark on the world. He's a non-alpha male kind of guy and wears a soldier's uniform. Then there's Rafe, a rugged bad boy with a big heart that is shrouded with sarcasm, sass, and a tragic past.

A Real-Life Movie Plot that Should Concern You (Rex Powers)

Just when you thought you were out of the danger zone well.. you're not there yet. Lane a young girl whose father had research on the other side of the wall is now following her father's footsteps and crossing over into the abyss to search for hidden artifacts that were lost a long time ago. This young girl could spread the diseases and monsters over to our side and well we just can have that. We will do everything possible that we can to keep her from spreading the very deadly disease but no one is safe. We advise to take heavy precautions at all times. (Delaney McEvoy pictured to the right)


A Chat with Orlando

Earlier we sat down with Orlando and interviewed him about life inside the city. Orlando feels that life inside the city is the best it’s ever been, the walls make him feel safe from the terrors outside. For entertainment he enjoys watching tv and listening to the radio to pass the time

and a nice brew and a doobie on the side. He enjoys the security of law enforcement, he feels it is best for the people. Orlando is an average every day kid within our society, and he is the future. Due to the education system our future looks brighter than ever, Orlando enjoys the system and believes it is perfect for the development of our youth. Orlando is a bright young man, and we hope to see more of him in the future.