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Norfolk Jr. High

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The Three Sheep

Once upon a time there was a boy. He worked for his Master. His Master told him that he needed to do these jobs. He went down three flights of stairs and picked up the three bags. He went to his sheep and shaved them. Then he went to the street and walked to his Dame and set down the 1st bag of wool. Then he walked to his Master and set down the second bag of wool, and he went a last time. The boy walked to the Dame down the street and gave the girl the third bag.

Berlin Film Festival Facts

A new movie from directors Steven Soderbergh and Gus Van Sant have a trio of films starring French divas, which will be competing this year at the Berlin International Film Festival. One movie is about a poor gypsy family, which shows corruption in Romania and Malgoska.

Iran comes closed curtain with a film directed by filmmaker Jafar Panahi and fellow Iranian Kimboziya.

Kosslick said this week that organizers tried to bring new people to the film festival.

The top prize will be awarded by a seven member jury under Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai. The Van Sant film is about the Shales gas industry.

Last year’s Golden Bear Award went to Caesar Must Die.
A diverse selection of 19 movies including films are nominated for the Berlin Film Festival. Some are from Kazakhstan and Iran.

Pac-Man Video Game

The game Pac-Man is about saving the world, his parents, and his brother in Jr. Pacman.
His dog gets kidnapped by ghosts. In the middle of the game, Pacman eats pellets and golden pellets. When the bosses come, he has to defeat them. He defeats them after he gets one of his parents out of the cell, and they tell him clues on how to fight them. At the end of the game, the last boss comes out and Pacman eats him, and after the last boss dies, Pacman sees that the it was a baby ghost and eats him t.
Then a movie shows up and the game is over.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

I liked this movie because it is one of the most best movies I’ve ever seen.
The movie was about this kid who thought he had ADHD. His friend Grover pretended that he had a broken leg, so that he could protect Percy from these monsters .

Percy had a crush on Annabeth and Annabeth didn't know it. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. Athena is a wise woman and her symbol is an owl. Percy’s symbol is a triton . His dad left him when he was a baby.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief HD Movie Trailer

Do We Need School Uniforms?

I am so for school uniforms, because the teachers can wear the same outfit
and the teachers can be happy. No one will make funny comments and we can be equal and people won’t get in a fight.