Healthy Me!


I like to run track because it makes me feel healthy and fit.

Badgerland Waterski Team

I love to do Badgerland because it is so much fun, and I get to spend the whole summer with friends. Doing competitions and shows every week.

Fun on the Lake

Being on the lake is very fun and it is better than being inside watching TV


Lacrosse is fun and you have to run a lot so it keeps me active and I can do it with my friends.

Snow Ski Racing

Snow skiing is fun and a good way to stay fit in the winter, when it is too cold to go outside and play outside games.

Eating Fruits, Vegetables, and Swimming

I love to eat fruits and vegetables because it makes me feel healthier than just sitting around eating junk food. I also love to swim because it makes me feel active and healthy. It is also very fun.