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📌 Top Tips: What to Do If You Have To Miss Class?

If you miss class, we are here to help and steer you to a successful semester. Below are some helpful tips to prepare just in case you are absent.

✅ Start off Right: Collaborate with Classmates

At the beginning of each semester, get the contact info of a few classmates in each of your classes. Reach out to multiple classmates through your Canvas class via Canvas messenger , a Zoom chat (make sure to download the Zoom app) or via email.

📌 QUICK TIP: With your New York Tech Basic Zoom account 2 students (1:1) can host a meeting for unlimited time, 3 or more students are limited to 40 minutes.

a. Perhaps create an online student group on Zoom so you can help your classmates as they help you.

b. You could create a Google file to share or Microsoft 365 document (Look for Google Suite and Microsoft 365 at until the "Tools" tile) for your student group to keep their notes. You can also ask multiple classmates to share their notes while you are out. Everyone views notetaking differently. Some people think certain things are essential, while others believe other ideas/concepts/points are essential. By asking a few people for their notes, you may get a better view of what happened in the class when you were out.

c. Your Professor may make announcements in class, and your classmates can keep you informed of any last-minute changes made in the class(es) you missed.

📌 QUICK TIP: Canvas announcements are automatically sent to your New York Tech email 🙂.

✅ Reach out to your Professor 👍

If you have to miss class, reach out to your Professor via email (check the New York Tech faculty directory) or through your Canvas Course.

📌 QUICK TIP: Double check the syllabus for the preferred method of contact.

a. Let them know why you had to miss class and if you need to miss future classes because of an illness, family emergency, or transportation issues. Keep your Professor in the loop and informed on the problem so they can support you with university resources and help you be successful in class.

b. Sample email for when you need to miss class:

Dear Professor_________________,

I would like to apologize for not being able to attend [Insert Class] on [insert date].

I had to [insert a legit reason for missing class. Keep it brief]. INSERT HERE: What you did to make up missing class: for example: “I received notes from the lecture from a classmate and learned that the study guide for our upcoming exam was handed out”.

Would you be available [insert day and time] via Zoom or phone [enter your phone number) to answer a couple questions I have about ______________? Thank you for your time.

Thank you,

[Insert Name]

[Insert Class]

P.S. For more information see this SMORE on Interacting with Faculty 👍 😀

✅ Re-read 👀 your Course Syllabus

Review the attendance and late policy in each of your course syllabi. You will be held accountable for your absences based on what is written in the course syllabus.

✅ Virtual Office Hours 👨🏻‍💻

Ask your professor for a virtual office hour via Zoom to help you get caught up; explain anything you are confused about or help make a plan to make up any work you missed.

⏰ And Remember Time is Ticking...

Get caught up as soon as possible because everything moves so F-A-S-T in college.

🗣 Always ask for help whenever you need it. Do not suffer in silence. New York Tech has many people and resources available to help you. Click below to learn more. 😄

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c. Counseling & Wellness

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