By Christian


Norway is one of the oldest countries in the world.They affected,and influenced many things things like religions,transportation,folktales like trolls,and were regretfully the inspiration of Disney's Frozen
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Their government is a monarchy. The current prime minister is Erna Solberg.

They are a limited government.


In Norway people speck a majority of languages like Bokmal,and Nynorsk,but the majority speck Norwegian.
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The capital is Oslo ↓
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The weather in Norway is very icy,cold,wet,and when it's not snowing its raining.In the summer weather can be pretty. (sometimes)

National Anthem

Song for Norway is the name of what is considered to be the national anthem. Ja vi elsker dette landet is the first sentence. In English it translates to yes we love this country.


The main currency is the Norwegian krone


In Norway everyone ages 6-16 has to go to school. Their system is similer to ours because they have 3 different schools to go through to.


Norway celebrates all christian holidays like Christmas,and mondy-thursdy
population density:5,109,05

per capita income:97,307.4



Languages: Norwegian,Bokmal,Nynorsk