Wild Wildfires!

All facts and tips to prevent wildfires.

How are wildfires so common?

Wildfires are commonly set by humans. Let this set in for a minute, this is 100% true. Most campers in the U.S.A know how to monitor camp fires and throw trash away. The amount of people who are not informed about wildfires in the U.S.A is very, very small. But the number can cause fires. There are 15,000,000 people that live in the U.S.A and only five percent of that is a lot, what about ten to twenty percent? Now we are talking about a problem! These fires are clumsily set by people who do not know of them until it stares them strait in the eye. It isn't just caused by humans though. 100,000 lightning strikes each day, causing fifteen percent of those strikes to become fires! Seems like a lot, huh? Even though we cause about 90% of the wildfires.

How much damage occors?

Wildfires have caused 1.2 billion dollars in the year 2014, to put out and repair. This is money you cant even imagine, that could give 5 families enough money to not need a job for life! That is not the only downer, around 339,000 people die from them each year in the U.S.A! That is about Three percent of the whole Earth's population. in just 50 years wildfires could have killed all humans, but don't worry that will not happen!

How can we prevent them?

Did you know that about 1.3 million acres of forest land burns each year? This causes very strange weather patterns, like big thunderstorms that can cover three states at a time! These storms cause lots of flooding! So how can we stop this mass destruction? There are 4 steps that can help you keep wildfires from destroying more forestland and animals. Step one: Never ever! Leave a fire unattended! Fires started by campers should be put out when you plan to sleep outdoors or leave. Step two: safely dispose of cigarettes, even if it is now lit. Throwing a cigarette on the forest floor causes a 20% chance of lighting a fire! So next time, throw it away somewhere safe. Step three: Don't park your vehicle next to dry vegetation, the heat from the exhaust may cause a fire that leads to a forest.

How far does it go?

Wildfires can be fast, depending on the weather conditions if it is dry, shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass will burn faster put if it is humid and damp, it will slow the process. If you think of wildfires you see a fire spreading slowly, think again! Wildfires can spread very fast, covering up to 10.8 miles per hour! This is another reason why 1.2 million acres of land is burnt each year! Wind also gives wildfires an effect, Since fire needs air too much can cause the small flame to burst out into a big bonfire!


We learned a lot today! First we answered one of our most burning question, burning!

Why are wildfires so common? What we found out was that from the small amount of campers that don't know about campfires and cause these massive fires. Then we learned how catastrophic it can be! They cause many deaths and make us cough up 1.2 billion dollars! Also they burn 1.3 million acres of forest, including our little friends up there. Then we learned how we can prevent these terrible fires, by safely disposing of cigarettes, don't leave a fire unattended, and never park a car on vegetation. Finally, we learned how far and fast they go. We learned they travel at 10.8 miles per hour and weather conditions that cause the wildfire to do different things!

Big thanks to

www.earthsky.org, www.dosomthing.org and www.wildland-fires.findthedata.com

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