News from Room 302

Mrs. Smith's Class Newsletter - Week 27

ISTEP Testing Continues

Due to last week's e-learning day and two hour delay, we will be continuing ISTEP testing this week. Below you will find the schedule for our remaining tests.

Monday, March 7th - ELA Section 2 & 3 (85 minutes)

Wednesday, March 9th - Science (40 minutes)

Please help ensure that your students do their best on the test by making sure they get plenty of sleep the night before and a big, healthy breakfast the morning of testing.

Week 27 Learning Targets

Here are this week's learning targets:

Math: Review of Unit 6 with an assessment over the unit on Thursday. Students will also take the Unit 7 pretest on Friday.

Reading: This week we will be discussing how character have an impact on the plot of fictional stories. We will also be reviewing figurative language with a focus on onomatopoia, alliteration, and personificaiton. Students will also be taking a short assessment on frequently confused words.

Writing: This week our class will be reviewing the basic concepts of capitalization and punctuation. Specifically, we will review the use of apostrophes, quotation marks, and commas in our writing. We will also begin our unit on writing fictional narratives by exploring the characteristics of different fictional genres.

Social Studies: The Great State of Indiana will be our focus in Social Studies this week. We will be working through a booklet provided by the office of our very own Indiana State Sentator.