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What is Color Street?

  • 100% nail polish strips
  • No heat application
  • No dry time
  • No smudging
  • Made in the U.S.A.

How-To Apply

For Solids, Glitters, and Designs:

  • Remove existing polish (see below an easy way how to remove nail polish), push back cuticles (you may even want to use cuticle remover if needed)
  • Use an alcohol wipe to wipe down nails, especially the edges around your nail. If you have oily nail beds (usually kids, too), wash your nails with Dawn soap!
  • When in doubt, choose a strip just a bit larger than your nail. The excess can be easily removed
  • Place strip as close as you can to your cuticle without putting it on top.
  • The strips can be adjusted until pressed down into place
  • Tuck the end of the strip over your nail tip
  • Rub the strip just a bit over you nail. This helps the strip set
  • Use your thumb nail to crease the excess strip off under your nail and if needed, crease off the excess from the sides of your nail, too if touching your skin.
  • One strip can be used for two nails (if you have short nails), just use the other half after you put on your first nail by cutting or creasing it off

For French:

  • Prep the nails stated as above
  • Apply the tip first
  • Apply the clear top just like above
How to apply Color Street nail polish strips
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Other Tips:

  • You can always buff your nails before you use the alcohol wipes (some people's nails just need that extra buffing to help the strips stay on better).
  • Do your thumbs last (typically, I use my thumb nails to crease off the excess strips)
  • If you're going to do your toes, do them before you do your manicure. (Believe me, lesson learned from personal experience)
  • Avoid any type of lotions or hand washing for an 30 min.. You want the strips to be able to set.
  • If you know your nails are super soft and easily break, go ahead and put a clear top coat on your nails. Color Street even has a clear set called "Clear as Day".

Save Those Extra Strips!

Color Street is 100% nail polish and they will dry up! In order to save your strips, put the extras back in the same package. To help with this, I use the nail file included to help slide the strips in. The next step is very important...reseal the package by using a flat iron, curling iron or packaging tape. This will help save the strips. Eventually, they will lose a bit of their flexibility. If this happens, you can try using a blow dryer to get the flexibility back. But it's not a for sure fix.

*PLEASE note they are NOT guaranteed by the company after the first time you use them.*

How to take off your Color Street

DON'T pick your Color Street off!!! It takes layers of your nails off when you do and it just ruins your nails. (I'm guilty of still doing it on some of my nails. It's just so satisfying!)

Since it's 100% nail polish, use regular nail polish remover. The remover that I have found to be the best (and I've tried many) is called Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

  • The BEST way to take off your nail polish is putting a bit of nails polish remover in a quart size zip-lock bag (or bigger). You'll want just enough remover in so you can cover your fingertips it the corner of the baggie. Have a bowl of warm water and put the baggie, with your hand in it, in the warm water. Move your fingers around rubbing the nail polish. It'll take just a couple of minutes for each hand. No messing with cotton balls!! This is the only way I take off my nail polish.
  • Other idea: Use pieces of a cotton balls and soak with remover and put on fingernails for 2 min. to let soak in (if you have the cover clips, even better).
  • Another idea: Use a dryer sheet, soak it with remover and rub away
  • Just go back to the first bullet and you'll thank me at how easy it was.

How to Remove Color Street Nail Polish
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