Scientific Revolution ♠

- Jesse Zamarripa ♪♫

Intro to the Scientific Revolution.

The Scientific Revolution was a historical change in thoughts, beliefs, and the social life. It was the new way of slowly change the global.

What caused this to happen?

Many of European scientists had different combinations of discoveries and circumstances that led to this impact. It got so viral that it spread around the global.

Revolutionary Humans

Why is this a change in modern society?

These gentlemen helped create the modern society because it gave us some instruments, guide lines, that help us today. Astronomy is helpful for because we can tell whats going on in the sky. We use math everyday.

Why did they change life during their time period?

It made history for their time period because they didn't know what was going on. they didn't know what math was, they didn't know what astronomy was. It made a huge difference. This is why you thank human for the history we have today.