Calvin McCarville 7P

Physical Description

Ponyboy is the character I chose for my project. He is the youngest of his two brothers Sodapop and Darry. He has light brownish, redish hair and green eyes with a hint of gray. He also has longer hair than most boys. He is 14 years old.


Scared of the Socs. Steals things. Does not want to get caught for the stuff he does but he tries to stay out of trouble. Thinks of his fellow greasers like family. Likes girls and doesn't like to mess with them like Darry does. He is some times is embarrassed by Darry when he is mean to innocent people.


He likes walking and likes watching movies by himself. He also likes to read books.

Prized Possessions

Ponyboy doesn't have any prized possessions in the first 2 chapters.


The greasers stay together and help each other when one is in help and they wear their hair longer on the sides and front.
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