Mike's Monday Message

Go Yotes!


What if we made joy the focus this year? What if every student heard their name spoken in a positive manner from and adult or peer at school every day? Joy can be elusive and I think we need to be intentional about pursuing it. What brings you joy? It might be a good way to start out a PLC by briefly sharing what brings joy to your life. Take a look at this blog posted by author Katie Egan Cunningham on joy.

Brene Brown on Joy

Brene Brown is an author and researcher who has studied joy as well as many other emotions. She is a good resource if you want to dig deeper. Here are just two of her quotes on Joy.
Big picture
Big picture

Great Start!

Thanks for a great start to school! There's always a few glitches but from my perspective things went smoothly and that is greatly appreciated. I'm grateful for being here in Kittitas working with high quality educators and beautiful people. This will be a fun year!

Reflect and share on Joy this week. I'd love to hear what you come up with.

Music Video

Music brings me joy and this video especially brings me joy because of the kids involved. If you don't do anything else with this newsletter, listen to the message in this video. It will bring you some level of joy I'm sure.
"Don't Give Up On Me" Andy Grammer ft. PS22 Chorus