Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Here are all three parts to my media package: the trailer, poster and magazine.
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Unique selling point

My film has the unique selling point of the main character being a strong, female lead. I also think that the quirky narrative is a unique selling point for my film.


Throughout the trailer it is clear who the main character is. At the start we see her explain how she wants to get revenge, and throughout the trailer we see how she goes about getting this. Most crime films will have a male as the lead and will have a woman by his side who is only there to look pretty. However we see that my main character is defeating the male gangsters pretty much by herself. The unusual narrative is conveyed within the music and the editing, where we see a comical side to the film.


In the poster, the female character is at the front with the two male characters behind her. She is the only one carrying a weapon and her stance and pose shows that she is not afraid. By using the bold red as the background this stands out against the black and white image and I think that this represents the unusual narrative.


In the key image the female is holding the weapon and is leaning against the male which looks very casual and shows that he does not scare her. She keeps a steady gaze at the camera, holding power.

Brand identity


I have used the same font, Badaboom throughout my media package. This helps people to recognise the film easily.

Colour scheme

I have used red, black and white for my colour scheme. Black and white is simple and are basic colours that won't make it look messy or too busy. As these are very simple colours I added a bold red to break it apart and stand out. The red also signifies danger, blood.
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Key image

The key image always includes my main character. In the poster, the three main characters are included and in the magazine it is just the two. Their poses are serious as it is a crime film, and each of these characters are powerful so I have made sure this has been portrayed in their stances.