Assessment for Learning

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Clarification!---Effectiveness! --- Feedback!--- Resources!---Learning Ownership!

The importance of the strategies is that they all build upon one another and are crucial aspects fo making sure each student succeeds and is getting the most out of their education!

Formative & Summative

Formative assessments allow us to measure effectiveness immediately
  • Mid or end of class pop quiz
  • Interactive knowledge testing games

Summative assessments give us an overall perspective of effectiveness

  • Final compilation projects
  • Students teaching on what they've learned


Utilizing the strategies, and both assessments allow us to not only have a more effective plan for classroom learning but also yields check-points!

There will be times where subjects and certain details will need to be revisited, and it's important we allow time in for all strategies, assessments, and the revisitation to make sure the students are getting the most out of their learning!