Educational Reform

By: Corbin Pate

Why did this reform movement emerge?

- There were very few schools and when there were schools, it would be 60 kids in a class and 1 teacher with limited education. Most kids didn't go to school, because they were to poor. Kids stole, destroyed property, and even set fires.

- Reformers believed that they could save these children and show them a path to become good citizens

What does this movement hope to accomplish?

- The goals are to let everyone have a chance at having an education, to read and write, to make an effort at a higher rank.

- They want more schools, more people willing to go to school, and women to have an education( Blacks/ Slaves had there own schools and Women had none)

Who are some famous people who are already involved in this movement?

- Horace Mann, William McGuffey

- Horace Mann- "father of Education" promoted public education

William McGuffey- created the first mass textbooks

- That everyone should have a chance to learn to read and write

What specific accomplishment has the reform movement already made?

- The idea of free for everyone education across the nation