SmartLight Review - Does It Work

Does SmartLight Work? Read Our Special Report

Have you heard of the revolutionary smart LED bulb called SmartLight? The light bulb comes with features that have had people talking on various platforms. It has had so much hype, which prompted us to research the product, look at its features, what it promises to offer, how it works, and its benefits if any. So we put together this in-depth SmartLight Review to help you find out what’s so special about the bulb, and why many people are apparently going for it.

Stick with us through the end of this SmartLight review and discover why the product may be a valuable addition to your home.

What is SmartLight?

Combining a variety of unique features, the SmartLight bulb promises to revolutionize your home lighting system and introduce a touch of class. You see, regular LED lights come with some inconveniences. For instance, sometimes you don’t want the same level of brightness, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. This is one of the many reasons people are going for SmartLight.

This is a unique, innovative light bulb whose brightness you can control with your smartphone or by voice. It comes with cutting-edge technology that enables you to control it remotely without even touching a switch. It saves you the agony of walking around your house in the dark, searching for the switch.

According to the manufacturer and some users we interviewed, the installation of the bulb is extremely easy; you can complete it within just a few minutes. The bulb comes with many customizable settings that you can change depending on your preference. If you are looking to stir things up and get into the world of efficient and convenient lighting, SmartLight is here for you. And as we will soon see, there are many benefits that come with using this smart LED bulb.

Why Do I Need SmartLight?

With this bulb, you can forget the agony of having to walk in the dark, trying to reach the switch. The bulb is so convenient that you get to give it voice commands or make changes using your smartphone. Unlike most conventional LED bulbs, SmartLight is energy-efficient. It doesn’t use any unnecessary electricity. According to the manufacturer, the 8-watt, 800-lm bulb is about 80% more efficient than ordinary bulbs.

The manufacturer also points out that the bulb lasts a lot longer than ordinary bulbs. It has a lifetime of approximately 20000 hours and comes with an E-26 base, which is equivalent to 75-watt incandescent traditional bulbs. So if electricity bills are emptying your bank accounts, this bulb is certainly going to make a significant difference.

The bulb works via 2.4GHz wireless networks and is, therefore, compatible with many household routers. The fact that it uses wireless connections makes it way easier to utilize its unique features. Some of its features include remote control functions and the voice command feature. You can link SmartLight to Google Home and Alexa by installing an app called Smart Life. With this app, you can control your lights, one at a time. You also get to choose the colors you want and adjust brightness and temperature to your liking.

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SmartLigt Rating and Benefits

I was really impressed by the performance of this smart LED bulb. I was a little skeptical about its functionality, but once I installed the bulbs in my house, I promptly understood that they work as the manufacturer promises.

I particularly liked the fact that I can remotely control the bulb. I can make changes to the brightness of the bulbs by voice command or making changes on my smartphone. SmartLight even has a feature that allows me to change scenes so that they match the atmosphere or activity that’s going on in the home or room. I also get to schedule the bulb so that it knows when to turn itself on and off.

Some benefits of using SmartLight include:

  • It brings a lot of conveniences. You no longer need switches in the house, just give your bulb a voice command, and it’ll do exactly as you want.
  • It is energy-efficient. It is going to save you a lot of money.
  • It is extremely easy to use. The installation process itself takes a few minutes
  • It lasts longer than ordinary bulbs. You will use it for up to 20000 hours.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices. You can use it with iOS or Android devices. You can also link it with Google Home and Alexa
  • Anyone can use it

Some Features of SmartLight

As listed by the manufacturer on the product’s official website, here are some of the main features of this amazing smart LED bulb:

  • Wi-Fi-Enabled
  • No hub required
  • Up to 16 million colors
  • Rated up 20000 hours
  • Up to 360 lumens, an equivalent of 40 watts
  • Energy-efficient
  • Works with Google Home, as well as Alexa
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

SmartLight Customer Reviews

When researching the product, we came across several customer reviews on various websites, most of which are product review sites. Most of the reviews and testimonials we saw are positive, with customers indicating that the product works and is really good at what it does.

On the product’s website, we also found more than 40 customer reviews. While some customers left a few negative comments about the performance of some features of the bulb, it is safe to conclude that, going by the reviews, this product is one the best smart lights anyone can hope to find on the market today. You might want to order yours today.

Where to Buy SmartLight

You can get SmartLight directly from the manufacturer by visiting their official website. The firm is currently giving all new customers discounts of up to 50% on all purchases. They are also offering free shipping. You can reach them via email: or call them through +44 20 3808 9234.

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