I'll Take Two Tickets To Paradise

Jeremy Hall

What's Wrong?

There are many, many things wrong with the Catholic church. They are way too big and need to be cut down to size. Do you want the church controlling you every step of life? They are making people pay to get into heaven.It is wrong to make people pay to get salvation. This is never mentioned in the bible and is against the teachings of the bible.

The Indulgences that the church is making you pay for is not true to what the bible talks about. The bible says that all you have to do is believe and you will be saved. This is the complete opposite of what the Catholic "Church" is saying. This isn't a theme park where you have to buy tickets to get in. You cant buy yourself into heaven. You have to earn it and put faith in God and just believe and you'll get where you are going.

The church has became way too wealthy. Yes it's fine to tithe but now they have began charging for other stuff. This goes back to the indulgences. They are making people pay there way into heaven. They are also making people pay to get married and to christen their kids. This is wrong, why would you make someone pay to christen their child? The church has became too focused on money and not enough focused on God and letting the people be close with God.

Money and the Church

The catholic church has became to focused on money. They are charging for people to get into heaven. They are also charging to get married and christen your child. This is not what the bible preaches. It says that whoever believes believes in God's only begotten son will have everlasting life. It says no where in the bible that you have to pay your way into heaven. There is a saying that goes "It is harder for a rich man to make it into heaven than a camel fitting through the eye of the needle."