Devils Tower

By: Tess and Kyndall

Location: Northeastern Wyoming,above the Belle Fourche River

Devils Tower was established as a national monument on September 24,1906.


Rock climbing , hiking , Visitor Center , Circle of Sacred Smoke Sculpture , WInter activities , Ranger talks , Junior ranger program , evening program , and Interpretive activities.

Number of visitors per year: 4,000 visiting rock climbers

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Why was is protected?

The Devils Tower was protected to keep it from being spoiled and to keep people from destroying it.

Protection Laws: Antiquities Act

Roosevelt's Environmental Policies and the Progressive Era

Roosevelt's environmental policies showed that he cared a lot about the environment. The people were starting to wake up and care more about nature and how they affected it. He helped to protect the environment and he started to want to fix what had happened to the environment.
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