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Friday, September 25, 2020 - Week Three

A Note from Principal Wagner. . .

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Well, we have made it through the first few weeks of virtual learning. I want to thank you for all you are doing to help your children access their work, log in to google classroom etc. I know it has been challenging, but you have all done a great job.

Just a couple of reminders:

  • If your student is going to be out please make sure to notify the school office at 614-752-1359. This helps us take attendance and record it.
  • This also includes if they need to be out part of a day for an appointment etc.
  • If you have not returned your child's registration paperwork, please do so asap. Students will not be able to attend school virtually or in person without this paperwork.

If you have questions or need assistance please let me know. Thank you again for your patience and flexibility during this challenging time. Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Wagner, OSSB Principal

OSSB Panther Student Spotlight!

Freshman Jeremy pounced into the 2020 school year! He has been organized and on top of his digital classroom. When he encountered some tech boundaries early on, Jeremy was quick to notify his teachers and stay in contact.

His English class started the year with a Drama unit, which Jeremy is super good at. He wowed his class with his voice acting skills when we practiced reciting short lines in different tones: happy, sad, and angry. I’m so excited for the positivity and fun you are bringing to class this year, Jeremy! ~Ms. Bardon

OSSB Early Learning Center (ELC) Fun

Did you know that OSSB has a preschool program for students ages 3 thru 5? Our theme this month is All About Me. We made paper bag people puppets, drew self-portraits, and made noodle bracelets to share with friends. We are finishing out the month with a focus on clothing, and ways to stay healthy.

~Mrs. Kimberly Brinkman

Masks and Back to School

OSSB has lots of helpful information on our new website at www.ossb.ohio.gov including policy surrounding Covid-19. In addition, check out the mask infographics below created by Tabby Belhorn, OSD Parent Mentor. Hopefully, the policy pages and mask usage info will be helpful to you as we begin to think about a return to the building sometime in the near future! Included is a link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on washing masks.
Photo shows a child holding a pencil to his paper, and an apple and some school books in the foreground.  The student is wearing a plaid shirt and a disposable paper mask. The infographic includes the following text: Masks & SchoolPer OSSB COVID 19 Policies masks are required in school Help your students prepare for mask wearing by: Let your child pick a mask and pattern to wear Find a good fitting maskModel mask wearing, wear your mask around your child Try different styles  Practice wearing masks at home and in public Gradually increase the amount of time wearing a mask Teach proper mask care and handling
Image shows a disposable blue mask. Text says: Mask Care➤ Don’t touch the front of your mask➤ Only touch the ear loops of your mask ➤ Lay your mask outside (dirty) side down or fold the inside (clean) side of the mask together➤ Always wash hands after handling your mask ➤ DO NOT share masks with friends➤ Wash your mask daily ➤ Do NOT re-use disposable masks➤ Have a designated “dirty” spot for masks at home ➤ Keep your dirty masks away from the clean masks

Meet Ms. Teri, School Social Worker

We would like to introduce you to Ms. Teri Kinsway, School Social Worker at OSSB. Ms. Teri is available to talk with students about a variety of concerns. Learn more here in her short video!

Please let us know if your child would benefit from talking with Ms. Teri. She can also connect your family with the National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP - https://www.nyap.org/).

OSSB Delivers Food to Students across Ohio

Hi OSSB families! We were excited to be able to support week three of food deliveries. Please know that our drivers may also be dropping off additional supplies such as schoolwork to some families each week.

  • All families who live outside Franklin County should have received food on September 24th
  • Deliveries inside Franklin County were made on Wednesday, September 23rd.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Drivers will text/knock. If you are not home, please let us know if it is ok to leave the food. We will be delivering perishable food, and must make sure you can refrigerate it ASAP.

If you had not previously requested food, but would like your child to receive weekly meals for breakfast and lunch while we are learning virtually, please text/call/email Lauri Kaplan at 614-806-2651 lkaplan@ossb.oh.gov Enjoy your weekend!

~Mr. Jason Franklin

EDGE Student, Bryce shares experiences this fall

Hi there,

In this article, I will tell you what we are learning in EDGE (post-secondary program at OSSB).

This week we talked to Joanie Shell from the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired about how we are doing in the EDGE program. We also talked about our visual impairments. We sent emails to Miss Fisher, Miss Jackson, and Mr. Nixon talking about our vision impairments and how it would affect us on a community job. This means telling people what we would need to be successful at a job.

We are also learning how to use Google calendar, which I have some experience using.

One of our lessons was making a bed. Yesterday we learned how to make a bed, as well as practice vacuuming. We also learned that the world outside of OSSB will be different, and at some point not as easy and comfortable And that also means telling people what we need.

We will have to do things on our own as young adults. This afternoon we will learn how to structure an email. That is what we learned this week.



OSU Student Teacher, Katie Foster

Hello! My name is Katie Foster! I am a senior at The Ohio State University! I am a student teacher in the Early Childhood Education Visual Impairment program where I will gain the skills to apply for the General Early Education and Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments Licensures.

I will be with Mrs. Brewer-Wood for the semester, and I cannot wait to continue meeting all of your amazing students! I love Ohio State Athletics and sports! I am on the Block O Executive board! Block O is the official student section of Ohio State Athletics. I love to read books and play with my dog in my free time! I cannot wait to continue on and eventually have my own group of students! ~ Katie Foster


Blind Sports Day, October 3rd, 2020 - Dodge Park - Columbus, Ohio

Blind Sports Day/ Envision Clinic will be October 3rd from 11 AM-1 PM. Students can try out Boxing, a Fall Scavenger Hunt, and More! Please let me know if you can attend, even if it is the day before or that day! The address is at Dodge Park (Community Center) 667 Sullivant Ave. Columbus, OH 43215. All families and friends are welcome! Let's make this inclusive!

COVID 19 Making you nervous???? We will check temperatures at the door, Self-assessment, sanitize pens, socially distance, and break in to smaller groups! I hope to see you all there! Download a copy of the flyer below! ~ Katie Atkinson. 513-460-9785

Envision Clinic is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Ohio State School for the Blind.

Celebrating National Blind Sports Week! September 28-October 3rd

National Blind Sports Week presented by Healthy Vision Association, will be celebrated Sept. 28-Oct. 3. A week-long virtual experience focused on participation and awareness of sports and opportunities available to athletes of all ages and abilities who are blind and visually impaired, along with family, friends, and sighted guides.

Register HERE to attend different seminar topics throughout the week.

-Celebrate National Blind Sports Day by participating in your favorite sport of fitness activity and sharing on social media with the hashtag #BlindSportsDay.

For more information visit usaba.org/blindsportsday.

Photo description: The National Blind Sports Week schedule is shown in a graphic.

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Hosts free presentations on YouTube

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation will be hosting a series of free presentations on their YouTube channel. All videos in the series will be posted on Saturdays. This video series will explore a variety of important topics impacting the lives of individuals with CHARGE syndrome and their families. See below for the full schedule of topics and speakers.


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