Swimming Facility Fundraisers!!

WH citizens, raise money for a new swimming pool facility

Fun under the Sun

West Haven is a suburban settlement in New Haven County along the coastline. West Haven Parks & Recreation provides activities for the youth such as fitness, after-school programs, aquatics and most importantly sports. We take proud credibility in involving our youth in the community with rather positive results. With this said, our committee wishes to extend our program by funding and building a swimming pool facility. Our hope and wishes go into this facility to make West Haven a more involved community. Our idea is focused to help families financially and with physical health and morale.

Family Expenses

The poverty line, or poverty rate, in the US is 14.5% according to U.S Census Bureau. Even this percentage, including families with middle class income are not able to afford pools. Pools require much work to maintain and varying expenses. The swimming pool facility will get rid of all this worry. Families will no longer have to stress about adding extra labor to their household duties. Expenses covering vacations, beach fees and other recreational activity will be reduced significantly. The facility is not to serve as a money-maker for the city, it will have recreational membership fees ranging from $18-$25 and free for those over the age of 18. This is on the more cheaper level of admission compared to other public pooling memberships. The average family spends 44% of their budget on transportation and another 10% on entertainment. "Public swimming pools, recreation centers, summer reading programs, youth jobs programs - they are all shutting their doors. And they are all facilities and programs relied on most heavily by low-income children."-Darrell Hammond.

REMINDER: Protect from Heat

In the summer, it is highly important to keep the children and elderly hydrated. They are the main percentage of death rates from heat. So far in 2014 there have been at least thirty heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles; twenty-five confirmed as heatstroke. Last year, 2013, there were at least forty-four deaths of children in vehicles. Since 1998 there have been at least 636 documented cases of heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles.