FAC Weekly Update

February 21, 2020

Good afternoon, Fine Arts Center Family

I hope that you had a wonderful week! Thank you to all who came out to the FAC on Wednesday evening for the concert performance of the 2:25 p.m. Jazz Studio! Congratulations to our fabulous student musicians and their fearless leader, Maestro Steve Watson. These students will be performing again next Wednesday night at Genevieve's at the Peace Center to a sold-out audience!

Here is the latest from the halls of the Fine Arts Center...

This Week's Student Leadership Lesson


True commitment inspires and attracts people - it shows them that you have conviction...

What is the true nature of commitment?

  1. Commitment starts in the heart. I am told that in the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse effectively runs out of oxygen in the first half-mile, and goes the rest of the way on heart.
  2. Commitment is tested by action. As Arthur Gordon acknowledged, "Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them day after day."
  3. Commitment opens the door to achievement. There will be times when commitment is the only thing that carries you forward. As David McNally commented, "Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, no matter how many times you get knocked down."

- John C. Maxwell, The Maxwell Daily Reader, page 57 (February 21)

Seeking Feedback from the FAC Community

As the Director of the FAC, I am committed to the continuous improvement of the climate and culture of our school. I value your feedback and am asking all students, parents, and instructors/staff to complete a school climate survey to help me understand how we are doing. This survey is anonymous and should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time. Data from the survey will be used for self-reflection and improvement of our procedures and practices.

You can access the survey at the following link - https://forms.gle/ntUHncGykWd8H32u8. I hope to have 100% participation from all stakeholders and ask that you please try to complete the survey by Monday, March 2.

With appreciation,

Mr. Popat

Congratulations to Preston Spisak!

Sophomore Percussionist Preston Spisak has been accepted into the Julliard Summer Percussion Seminar! This program is housed at the historic Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City and features the best high school percussionists from across the country. Preston will be participating in two weeks of performances, master classes, lectures, and rehearsals, and will receive instruction from the world's most prominent percussion instructors.

Way to go, Preston!

Congratulations to Region, All-State, and All-County Band Members!

All-State: Total – 9 Allstate players and 1 Allstate alternate

Maxwell Canipe – 2nd chair oboe 11-12 Band

KJ Reynolds – 5th chair percussion 11-12 Band

Bess Bridwell – 10th chair flute 11-12 Band

Corey Schumacher – 20th chair clarinet 11-12 Band

Ian Scogin – 1st chair flute 9-10 Band

Preston Spisak – 1st chair timpani 9-10 Band

Elija Hicks – 6th chair trumpet 9-10 Band

Landon Taylor – 6th chair alto sax 9-10 Band

Kendrick Miller – 13th chair clarinet 9-10 Band

Leonie Stollberg – 5th alternate flute 9-10 Band

Region Band: Total – 13 region players and 7 region alternates

Asa Adomatis – 5th chair percussion 11-12 Band

Calvin Blessing – 1st alternate trombone 11-12 Band

Will Bailey – 4th alternate percussion 11-12 Band

Isaac Lucas – 1st chair bari sax 9-10 Band

Leonie Stollberg – 2nd chair flute 9-10 Band

Blake Childs – 2nd chair trumpet 9-10 Band

Lucas White – 2nd chair percussion 9-10 Band

Matthew Revilla – 3rd chair clarinet 9-10 Band

Tyler Bush – 3rd chair tuba 9-10 Band

Holly Murray – 3rd chair bass clarinet 9-10 Band

Caleb Jiva – 4th chair clarinet 9-10 Band

Liam Morgan – 5th chair percussion 9-10 Band

Henri Pelletier – 7th chair clarinet 9-10 Band

Allwyn Edwards – 7th chair percussion 9-10 Band

Gwendolyn Tomlin – 8th chair tuba 9-10 Band

Jacob Shum – 1st alternate percussion 9-10 Band

Thomas Carter – 1st alternate alto sax 9-10 Band

Bella Mayo – 1st alternate euphonium 9-10 Band

Wilson Stokes – 2nd alternate horn 9-10 Band

Keenan Dean – 4th alternate percussion 9-10 Band

All-County Band: Total – Wind Ensemble players – 17; Symphonic Band Players – 15

Ian Scogin – 1st chair flute Wind Ensemble

Maxwell Canipe – 1st chair oboe Wind Ensemble

Corey Schumacher – 1st chair clarinet Wind Ensemble

Isaac Lucas – 1st chair bari sax Wind Ensemble

Elija Hicks – 1st chair trumpet Wind Ensemble

Preston Spisak – 1st chair timpani Wind Ensemble

KJ Reynolds – 1st chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Bess Bridwell – 2nd chair flute Wind Ensemble

Landon Taylor – 2nd chair alto sax Wind Ensemble

Leonie Stollberg – 3rd chair flute Wind Ensemble

Adam Finkelstein – 3rd chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Blake Childs – 5th chair trumpet Wind Ensemble

Liam Morgan – 5th chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Kendrick Miller – 6th chair clarinet Wind Ensemble

Lucas White – 6th chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Asa Adomatis – 7th chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Micaiah Corbitt – 8th chair percussion Wind Ensemble

Bennett Thomason – 1st chair horn Symphonic Band

Bella Mayo – 1st chair euphonium Symphonic Band

David Hamme – 2nd chair trumpet Symphonic Band

Holly Murray – 3rd chair bass clarinet Symphonic Band

Jacob Shum – 3rd chair percussion Symphonic Band

Luna Riley – 4th chair flute Symphonic Band

Zach Sanderson – 4th chair alto sax Symphonic Band

Becca Szczepanski – 4th chair bass clarinet Symphonic Band

Caleb Jiva – 5th chair clarinet Symphonic Band

Calvin Blessing – 5th chair trombone Symphonic Band

Abby Shipman – 6th chair flute Symphonic Band

Keenan Dean – 6th chair percussion Symphonic Band

Tyler Bush – 9th chair tuba Symphonic Band

Matthew Revilla – 12th chair clarinet Symphonic Band

Henri Pelletier – 15th chair clarinet Symphonic Band

Mark Your Calendar for "The Momentum Series"

The students of the Creative Writing Studio are proud to present, "The Momentum Series," featuring Dr. Geffrey Davis. The Momentum Series is designed to bring diverse literary voices to the Greenville Community. On, Monday, April 20 from 7-9 p.m., M. Judson Bookstore (130 S. Main St., Greenville) will host Dr. Davis. Please click on the following link to learn more about him - https://www.geffreydavis.com/about.html.

Please join us for this wonderful event, and please spread the word to your Greenville neighbors!


From the FAC pARTners

Event Ticketing Help

Please take a moment to help us with the ticketing process at one of our performances. The FAC pARTners have created a sign-up genius where you can select an event that works with your schedule - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090e45ada82daafc1-2020. We greatly appreciate the donation of your time and energy to this vital process!

Music Club of Greenville - Scholarship for Grade 12 Students

The Music Club of Greenville will once again offer a scholarship to instrumentalists and vocalists who will be pursuing a degree in:

  • Music Performance
  • Music Education
  • Musical Theatre

The deadline for the application is March 8, 2020. Please click on the following link for more information and to access the application - https://musicclubgreenville.org/scholarship-application.


Please spread the word to your Greenville friends and family about our concerts, events, and performances!

  • February 21-22: Region Band Rehearsals and Concert, Anderson University
  • February 21-23: All-State Orchestra Rehearsals and Concert - FAC and WHHS.
  • February 22: SCNATS Auditions - FAC Voice Studio - Furman University.
  • February 26: Jazz Concert at Genevieve's (Peace Center), 7:00 p.m.
  • February 26-March 1: Dance Studio Trip to National High School Dance Festival
  • February 27-28: All-County Band Rehearsals and Concert, FAC and WHHS
  • March 5: Jazz Concert, 7:00 p.m., Sutherlin Recital Hall
  • April 20: The Momentum Series, presented by the FAC Creative Writing Studio; 7-9 p.m., M. Judson Bookstore

Community Performances Featuring FAC Students

Concert Opportunites for Students and Families!

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