Tech Tuesday! February 16th

Tech Tips to keep you informed

Cell Phone Addiction and Detox

2 great recent articles on this topic, 1 of which comes from a 16 year old. If you've ever felt like you use your phone too much (or if you want to understand the kids in your room who use it too much) check these out. Note that A. It seems more difficult for adults to put phones down than kids and B. Cold Turkey is not easy for some people

Twitter Hashtag - #COLLSEDU

Our new hashtag is live and going strong! Make sure to tag things with #Collsedu as you come across resources, advertise events or get into great chats and discussions with colleagues.

Digital Learning Day

Tomorrow is Digital Learning Day. It will feature national and local leaders, educators, and students for a look at how the digital divide is impacting their communities and what they are doing to minimize it. Check out all the resources here:

Google Forms

If you go to the homepage of Forms, rather than just create a new form from your Google drive, there are some great ready made templates including an exit ticket, assessment and worksheet. Try them out at the top here:

FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

#whyiteach is trending this whole week and there is lots of activity - Share your thoughts and connect with others around the country and world.

Virtual Book Club - Round 2!

The members of the inaugural virtual book club have been having a great time discussing Teach Like A Pirate - we are almost done our Twitter chats and I am looking towards round 2. Stay tuned for more info - I'm looking at taking a break through March and kicking off the 2nd round after Spring break!
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Slack - Making Communication Fun

Love that so many of you joined the community last week! Here is a recent article with some tips on managing your use of the app - it is very customizable so you don't need to worry about it infringing on you at times that you would like to disconnect. Check it out here:
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Reminder - EdCamp Garden State!

If you are not coming, do you know somebody who would like to? Can you spread the word to other teacher friends? Direct them to or @edcampgs on Twitter. Thanks!!



There are tons of opportunities to professionally develop yourself in our area! You are what you PD!

EdCamp Philly April 2nd

Edcamp South Jersey March 19th

Bacon Bytes Tech Conference April 16th

Edcamp Access (Special Ed focus but not limited to Special Ed Teachers) March 5th