Life of Richard Dawkins

By:Hank riney


Dawkins spent his early childhood in Kenya, where his father was stationed during World War 2. While living in Kenya he adored the wildlife and he wanted to learn more. The family returned to England in 1949. In 1959 Dawkins entered Balliol College, University of Oxford , where he received a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 1962. He stayed at Oxford earning his master’s and doctorate degrees in zoology in 1966 under famed ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen . Dawkins assisted Tinbergen before becoming an assistant professor of zoology (1967–69) at the University of California, Berkeley. He returned to Oxford to lecture in zoology in 1970.
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He won a Royal Society of Literature award and a Los Angeles Times Literary Prize for his book ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ in 1987.In 1989, he was honored with the Zoological Society of London's Silver Medal and the next year he received the Finlay Innovation Award and the Michael Faraday Award.In 2006, he won the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science and in 2007, the Galaxy British Book Awards’ Author of the Year Award.The Hamburg-based Alfred Toepfer Foundation awarded him with Shakespeare Prize in recognition of his "concise and accessible presentation of scientific knowledge" in 2005.

How He benifetted society

Richard Dawkins wrote countless books about biology and He emphasized on the role of the gene in evolution and developed the new discipline of genetic ethology.
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