What it's like in Sparta!

As a female in Sparta

As a female, daily, you would be trained in special sports! These sports would include wrestling, running, and throwing the javelin. Women were kept fit and in shape so they'd become wealthy mothers when they have kids and they have to look after them on their own without the father, for he will most likely be in military, visiting occasionally.

As a male in Sparta

When you are a male 7 year-old boy, you leave your family to live in the barracks in order to prepare you for military:(. When you age to 20, you would enter the army, and stay in the army for 10 years. The regular meal was pork boiled in animal blood, salt, and vinegar, also known as black broth. At age thirty you could go home, but you'd still be trained in combat. You may retire at age 60.

Other stuff about life in Sparta!

Ok let's get real here people.

The decision between cities.....

If you had to choose which city to live in, which would it be? I'd take Sparta. But I know this is because I'm a female. I bet every boy in my class for social studies would say Athens. Know why? Because if I were a boy, I'd say Athens. I wouldn't want to deal with the military and leaving my family.

Ok well just in case, here's the location for BOTH cities.

So I don't have an exact address, but it's in the pic! That's good! Even better than a lame address and directions. Let's go pirate time!

Summary/Fun Facts! Yayyy!

-Women were trained in sports.

-Males left home at age 7 and returned at age 30 staying in combat.

-Soldiers never surrendered in battlefield. Die for your state.

-Sparta's government was an oligarchy.

-Two kings led council of 28 senior citizens.

-Five ephors to force laws and manage taxes each year.

-Sparta didn't have visitors from outside world.

-Spartans missed technology advancements.