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MacBook Airs * Interactive Flat Panels * Canvas LMS


MacBook Air initiative


What: MacBook Air laptops

When: End of May tentatively (pending delivery of MacBook Airs)

Who: Teachers/CEA members in grades 5-12

* MacBook Airs will not be distributed to long term subs, retirees or teachers who have scheduled sabbaticals

How: Time will be scheduled at each school for a short introduction workshop where the laptops will be handed out.

Important Facts:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 will be installed on each Macbook Air

  • The Z: drive will be available on your Macbooks Air but we will be phasing it out sometime next year

  • Printing will be available via I-Queue to the Cannon copiers

  • You will be able to sync files from your laptop to Google Drive (more on this to follow...)

  • Desktops will be removed over the summer

  • The MacBook Airs will connect to the SMART Board in each classroom via a docking station

  • MacBook Air 13-inch Specs - 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 * 8GB of RAM *
    128GB SSD * 2 USB ports * 1 Thunderbolt port * 1 SDCard slot * 1 Headphone port

How can I become familiar with the Macbook Air?

A short introduction presentation will be done at your school. Additional information will be available via a website - this will include videos, guides and Apple documentation. There will be support days at each school, along with the chance to ask questions via Google Hangouts on Fridays.

What do I need to do?

Please begin to transfer all of your data from any existing devices (laptops/desktops) to your Google Drive. Using the Chrome Browser you can simply drag and drop files or folders. If you need help please enter a Technology Helpdesk Ticket.

Existing laptops and Chromebooks will need to be returned to the Technology department. Please copy all files and prepare to return to your local tech.

If you have any specific software installed on your existing desktop or laptop, please contact Tim McCleary. We will need to evaluate it to see if it can be installed on the MacBook Airs.

Questions? Please enter below.


Interactive Flat Panels at EP

Interactive Flat Panels will be installed in classrooms at EP this summer - installation may even start before the end of the school year! The units will be the same as you see in the Library. Workshops will be provided in the Fall.


Canvas LMS

Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, including PowerSchool.

The district has a 6-month trial which will be rolled out to the high school teachers and possibly a few pilot groups at CBK, EP, and elementary schools.

Please Note: The current TeacherSite platform will remain active until 11/30/2016 while the district evaluates the Canvas Learning Management system.

Canvas Website


How to Contact Us

Brandon Lutz - Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Email - blutz@cheltenham.org

Extension - 6308

Lisa Rock - Technology Staff Developer

Email - lrock@cheltenham.org

Extension - 6328