Machu Picchu

The weird capital

Machu Picchu introduction

I have no clue why the Incan empire decided to build their capital on top of a mountain, but they did. I am doing Machu Picchu for my monument. It is on top of a very tall mountain in the Andes mountain range. Somehow they adapted to the mountains. My first body paragraph is about who rediscovered it and how, very interesting; the second body paragraph is about how he must have lived; my third body paragraph is about what they thought about the city back then; the fourth is about what we think about it now.

Who rediscovered Machu Picchu?

The only way Hiram Bingham found Machu Picchu is, if he hiked about 5 mountains to get to it. They weren't Missouri mountains (meaning they weren't 800 ft above the sea level), they weren't even Denver mountains (meaning they weren't even 8,000 ft above the sea level). No, they were 13,000 ft above the sea level ( Meaning that guy hiked about 130,000 ft to get to Machu Picchu. Which is about 25 miles. Now we can get to Machu Picchu by trains and trams.

How Hiram Bingham must have lived?

Even when your body has adapted to the mountains, you haven't fully adapted. Take my mom for example, she spent about 10-15 years in Denver, Colorado. She snowboarded every day. She would, most of the time, be out of breath before she started snowboarding. Which means Hiram Bingham had to have spent all day, everyday, on the mountains to have had the stamina to hike a little less than 25 miles to find this "place of gold and good trade stuff like coal" or what we call Machu Picchu.
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What they thought about it then.

In those days the Incas thought, "It is just our capital. We need to build it somewhere where invaders don't invade our capital city and kill our leader. No one can invade us if we make our capital on top of a mountain." Then, they built the capital. They had farms on the edge of the mountains because of terraces. They made terraces by slamming one rock on another until it made step looking terraces. (Social studies book).

what we think now

Now it is an awesome looking archeological find. The Incas made Machu Picchu in 1438. They made roads. They made aqueducts. They were also the first Central American empire to fall because of the Spanish conquering them. That is why it is an awesome archeological find. (Social studies book).

Time to say adiós, conclusion time

This was my paper on Machu Picchu. The first body paragraph was about who rediscovered it and how he rediscovered it. The second body paragraph is about how Hiram Bingham must have lived in order to hike 25 miles, going up and down mountains so high your ears could be ringing so loud other people could hear the ringing. There could have been a hilarious story right there, but I would have gotten even more off topic than I already am. Anywho the third was what they thought about Machu Picchu then. The final body paragraph was about what we think about it now and why.

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