Research Infographic

By Taylor Thoman

Gather Relevant Information

Think of a research question to help you research easier. You want to find a lot of information so you have enough to write a paragraph about a topic. Make sure the information is true before using it in your paper. If a couple of other website have the same information then the information if most likely true.

How to use Keywords to Find Information

Pick the most important words out of your research question and type them into a database advanced search bars. Try to narrow down the search results by adding more information and being more specific.

How to decide whether a website or resource is credible and accurate

Try to find the author's name and email or phone number. If the resource or website has a lot of ads everywhere it probably isn't a good site. If a website only has 1 or 2 small ads, you can still use the website unless you figure out that the information is false.

The difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Quoting: When quoting you need to add quotation marks and you can't change what the author said, but you can take out a few words or sentences in the middle of whatever you are quoting.

Paraphrasing: When you find a really good sentence of paragraph that you want to use you can paraphrase the work to make it your own. You would need to change the words to be your own and you don't need to put quotation marks.

Summarizing: Summarizing is when you describe what happened in a story in a short paragraph. You put it in your own words and you are describing what you think happened in the story.

What is plagarism

Plagiarism is when you steal an authors words, work, or ideas. If you use a sentence or paragraph from the author you need to use quotations.

Resources and Websites

  • Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids
  • World Book for Kids
  • World Book Online
  • Research in Context
  • Explora- Middle School