Japan suffers from 2011

Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year. Japan has many earthquakes a year, but one earthquake and tsunami stands out the most, the one in 2011. Many of the Japan people, scientist, government are trying to figure out how to be safer, preparing when another one hits. Japan still recovers from the loose of everything in 2011. The earthquake was one of the biggest earthquake there was, it landed about in 5th place out of the whole world. My name is Jinna Ashley and In this smores presentation you will find out how Japan is preparing, how they recover from earthquakes, How much damage was done and how hard the earthquake in 2011 hit. My message is to you guys is, Even though Japan gets hit hard with earthquakes and tsunami they still try there best to prepare, and they try and use lots of money to recover from the worse earthquakes. Japan still goes strong and so should we. The most important thing is to see that Japan survives the worst earthquakes and even though they are still recovery they are going to keep trying to help there people. Read this smores presentation to learn more about how Japan is trying to prepare, recover, and many more things.

How much damage was done to Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011?

“Many structures could not withstand the force of the tsunamis, or the damage caused by drifting vessels and wood debris. The ground liquefied and scour holes developed near foundations, causing the collapse of many buildings. Roughly two-thirds of the protective coastal forests were lost.”(Llic) This is meaning, in Japan many structures had collapse causing even more damage and the debris of the buildings are hitting other things creating huge damage to Japan. Making it hard to recover. Many buildings had are hard hit from the tsunami and collapse very easily. Almost ⅔ of the coastal forest was lost in the earthquake tsunami.
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How is Japan preparing for the next Earthquake or Tsunami?

“In areas where tsunami is expected, they are improving routes that will be used by local residents to reach safe places once a tsunami warning is issued. They also are trying to elevate main roads to weaken the impact of incoming tsunami and build high, strong buildings in which local residents can take refuge when a tsunami has happened. (Japan times)” This interpenetrates to in Japan ever since the harsh earthquake and tsunami in 2011, they are trying to prepare for the next one, they are doing this by preparing routes that will be used to help people to their safety. Also they are going to redo roads that could do more damage to make sure when another tsunami hits the roads won’t be as so weak and won’t affect Japan as hard as in 2011.
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Another thing Japan is doing to prepare is, “The proposed protection was divided into two levels, which correspond to two classes of tsunamis, based on their magnitude and frequency. Level one (L1) are “smaller”, low-impact tsunamis that occur once every 10 to 100 years. Level two (L2) are rare, high-impact tsunamis which only happen once in several hundred to 1,000 years. (Llic).” Which this is meaning, when trying to prepare for the next earthquake/ tsunami, the plan was to have a protection made of 2 levels, based on the magnitude and frequency of the tsunamis. Level 1 has a smaller/lower impact tsunamis. Level 2 are the higher impacted tsunamis which hardly happen but are a possibility.
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How hard did the earthquake effect Japan in 2011?

"A huge tsunami spawned by the magnitude-8.9 quake—one of the largest ever recorded—rocked Japan's eastern coast, killing hundreds of people.( National Geographic)." In 2011 the Japan earthquake and tsunami killed hundreds of people, with a magnitude of 8.9 one of the largest which could happen again, if this does then recovery could go down the drain, Japan could be gone.

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“The effects of the great earthquake were felt around the world, from Norway's fjords to Antarctica's ice sheet. Tsunami debris continues to wash up on North American beaches two years later.(Live Science)."
"The magnitude-9.0 earthquake was the largest ever to strike Japan. It triggered a surge of water as high as 90 feet in some areas, washing away entire towns and communities along Japan's northeast coast, killing nearly 16,000 people. More than 2,600 are still listed as missing.(Today)."
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How is Japan trying to make a recovery?

"The main focus is still on rehousing those whose homes were destroyed. At last count, almost 59,000 of the 470,000 people originally displaced are still living in temporary accommodation.(Lilic).” In other words many people are still suffering from the damage that was done years ago. Japan is still trying to make a recovery from it. Many homes were destroyed, about 59,000 are still living in temporary homes. While Japan is still recovering how might another reckless earthquake/ tsunami might affect them?