What's the Word in 3rd?

News from Mrs. Saltzer's Class

October 17, 2016

Important Dates @ NC


10/14-10/28: Make a Difference Day Food Drive- Send in canned goods please!

10/21: Spirit Week: Color Wars- Third graders will get one point for EACH white item they wear this day. Let’s go third grade!

10/21: EDM Unit 2 Assessment

10/27: OJR REA Trick or Treat Night- 6pm at the High School

10/31: NC Halloween Parade @ 1:30; Party immediately following!

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As Clara has reminded me, Halloween is quickly approaching!

NC will have our annual Halloween Parade on Monday, October 31st at 1:30. We will have our classroom party immediately after.

Mrs. Hillegass and Mrs. Sheaffer are our homeroom coordinators. They will be sending an email soon asking for party donations and volunteers (with up-to-date clearances on file in the office). Only volunteers will be allowed entry into the building for the party. ALL are welcome to come and watch the parade. (Remember, parking can be crazy, so plan accordingly!)

Please remember a few things when it comes to costumes:

-Must be school appropriate! No masks, no weapons, no gore! Use your best judgement. {See Dr. Lloyd's email of NC expectations}

-Label ALL pieces of your child's costume. Send the costume to school in a bag. It needs to be able to fit in our closets.

-Please have your child wear their "base" to school that day. We have limited ability to change privately. So if your child is wearing a "base" of say, Under Armour, their body is covered to just slip their costume on over their "base". Or if they are dressing as a fire fighter, they can already have the pants and shirt on so when we change they can put their jacket and hat on and be ready to go.

Last Week...


We learned about figurative language. It can sometimes be confusing, but the author usually leaves us clues to figure it out. We also spent a lot of time asking questions of the text. WHY do they live on a potato farm? HOW COULD Grandfather just abandon little Willy like that? And finally, we celebrated the end of Unit 1 by finishing Stone Fox. Please ask your child about the (tearful) ending.


We learned that writers replay life events in ways that let readers feel the experience. We also discussed the importance of elaborating by adding actions, thoughts and even setting details. We will begin revision work next week, with publishing following shortly after.


This week, the children created mathematical representations for solving division problems. We also discussed representations and solutions to then use when they had to revise their work. And, we also learned about division WITH REMAINDERS! What?! Holy Moly! We also did some review stations on Friday to start to prepare for next Friday's assessment.


We began our Force & Motion Unit! We started by measuring force. We used Push-and-Pull Meters to measure the strength of a push or pull. We also defined "work" to mean when a force is applied to an object and an object moves. This unit is all about Simple Machines, and we learned about our first one: levers.


We did NOT have a new word sort last week. We received a new one today, so look for it in order to record it Monday night, practice it Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and then use it to complete the Blind Sort worksheet on Thursday. We will assess on Friday.


We continued our work with the "kite strings" and learned letters w, t, j and p.


Students are very eager to read on Storia! You can do this at home too, either on a computer or tablet. Refer to log-in information in your child's binder/planner.

Classroom Reminders!

*Please check and sign planners! (By signing the planner, you are also signing off that you have seen or checked that your child's homework is completed.)

*Don't forget to log your at-home reading. I'm looking for 30 minutes a night.

*If your child completes their "at-home" reading log, please remind them to get a new one from school.


Monday, October 17- Read (& log) 30 minutes: record sort and discovery; EDM 2-10 AND Review Study Guide

Tuesday, October 18- Read (& log) 30 minutes; practice sort; EDM 2-11 AND Review Study Guide is DUE Tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 19- Read (& log) 30 minutes; practice sort; EDM 2-12

Thursday, October 20- Read (& log) 30 minutes; Blind Sort WS; Review WS for EDM Unit 2 Test

Friday, October 21- Read (& log) 30 minutes; review and return Word Study Assessment; practice Rocket Math facts