Geography Year 7

Work Covered Over The Year


In the Shopping section we learned about Bluewater the shopping center. We also learned about different aspects and types of shopping and how they were good and how they were bad. This included learning about internet shopping, corner shopping, out of town shopping and supermarket shopping (using chain stores). Another thing that we learned about was what kind of products and produce we should expect to find in each type of selling place. Bluewater is a shopping center which has mainly chain stores like John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser. This linked in well with the economics we were to learn about later in the year.


We discovered in this topic that natural disasters can be caused by abnormal weather and other contributing factors such as air pressure which are closely linked into this. We studied the weather over a week and we looked at how the weather changed over the days and how different results were collected from very close locations meaning that weather is not just "it is raining in the north of Norfolk" but is more detailed, unpredictable and changing.


We designed a sustainable house and a sustainable stadium, we explored renewable energy and how to make things eco friendly as well as economic and beneficial for local people. This mainly applied to the stadium but in the house we needed to think about security and features making it suitable to live in.