Solar Power

All about Solar Energy

Renewable Resources

Renewable Energy does not run out. Pollution is Trapping heat in Earth, which causes effects on plants,animals,and people. Sun,water,wind are the three natural and never ending supply. Sun,water,wind also replenishes,refills,and renews itself. Non-Renewable energy is harmful to our Earth.

Solar power

What is it? How does it work?

This is how solar energy works.

The Suns energy beams off of solar panels and the solar panels work by turning the Suns energy into electricity.

what is solar energy?

Solar energy is the Suns energy turning into electricity.


Solar energy is a completely Renewable Resource. Solar energy also creates absolutely no pollution or carbon dioxide. Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all. If we need solar energy we can always rely on seeing solar energy every day. Solar powered panels and products are easy to install and are long lasting objects


Solar power can not be harnessed during a storm, a cloudy day, or at night. Solar power can be expensive when you first purchase them. You can not get solar power when you are at a home covered with trees,buildings,or landscapes. Most of the photovoltaic panels are made of of silicon and other toxic metals. 60 percent of sunlight gets wasted and is not harnessed. New innovative technologies can overcome the worst of these effects.