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We're blogging for you

I started working here just a short time ago, but I already love working at SAMS/SAVHS. The teachers are great, Mary is so helpful and the students are amazing. One of the things I've been excited about is posting regularly to the Media Center Blog. You know you want to check it out! That's our QR code to the right. Ask your students to scan it when they come to the Media Center and they'll go right to our blog!

Looking for Guest Bloggers!

With all your free time, you like to write, right? Ha! Well, if you're ever interested, we'd love to make you an esteemed "Guest Blogger". It's easy - you type up what you'd like including any images and we'll put it on our blog.

We're Supportive!

I'm currently in school to become a bonified media specialist. I'd like to practice my newly acquired skills and need your help! I am here to support your teaching in whatever ways I can. I can pull books, order new books, find great websites, help you learn about WebQuests, suggest websites that support your curriculum, create displays and activities that relate to your current themes and lessons. I am also willing to, time allowing collaborate with you to ensure that our students are becoming information literate and will be the amazing 21st Century citizens we know they can be! Let's chat!