Lily Kuhns

Lily Marie Photography

  • In business for two years in June
  • Specialize in Seniors, Families, Couples
  • Currently gaining experience with weddings and newborns
  • Self-employed & self-taught
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What do Photographers do?

  • We take pictures
  • Edit
  • Have consultations with people
  • Business Stuff, manage money and taxes
  • Studying
  • Manage an extremely un-flexible schedule

Where can I get a degree?

  • Hawkeye Community College
  • Iowa Central College

Cost to get a degree


Education Required, Degrees Useful

No education required but you can get a degree in business or photography

Additional Skills, Personal Characteristics

  • Need to have an eye
  • Need to be organized, passionate, responsible, social, and caring

Demand for Position

  • We will always need photographers!
  • Steady

Potential Advancement

You can get better!

Salary & Starting Wage

Starting: 16k

Average: 27k

Where can you find this job?

  • Company who has multiple photographers
  • Self
  • New Sources

Why did I choose this job?

I love how I get to connect with people in a really special way!