Stanton Holt Reunion Update

Here's what's happening...


Can you believe the Family Reunion is only 8 months away??!!! Just a reminder that the 25% deposit for fees is due by November 30. It is extremely important for everyone to stick to the deadlines, if you are planning to attend the reunion in July. Accuracy is a key part of planning and we want to make sure you are accounted for. Checks should be made out directly to STANTON/HOLT FAMILY REUNION.

  • Payments can be made electronically
  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Direct transfer via Chase

Get Involved...

  • Family please participate in the Family Trivia, this is a way to help educate other family members about their history, prizes will be awarded.
  • We are hosting a potato salad contest and looking for candidates to participate. To enter the contest you must be one of the first seven (7) people to sign up and submit your recipe. Candidates must submit their recipe via the family reunion email account, cut off and the deadline to enter and submit your recipe is December 15, 2013

    . Winner(s) will be awarded
  • We are looking for volunteers to assist us in all areas of the Reunion, if you are energetic and don't mind working, we are looking for you!
  • In an effort to complete the Family Tree we will be calling on you for help. This month we are working on CARRIE WALKER. If you are the descendants of Carrie Walker, please contact Patricia directly to assist with ensuring that the information provided on the family tree is factual.
  • We are looking for pictures to add to the family college, if you would like to have some of your old family photo's added to the college (limited 5 depending on the response), please upload them to the family's email account.


  • The next family fund raiser date to be announced

  • Carding partying fund raiser featuring Fish Fry coming soon

  • Scholarship Information coming soon

Got Something To Say...

If there is something you want to see featured in our next news letter, or you have a bright idea for the reunion, or just want to make a comment, please feel free to submit it to our family email account @

REMEMBER FAMILY THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU, SO PLEASE GET INVOLVED. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS NOT RECEIVING THE NEWSLETTERS, PLEASE HAVE THEM CONTACT Patricia Nelson at 773-575-0988 or or if you are receiving this message electronically, please forward it to them and ask them to reply to this message.