The Apennines Mountains

A mountain range that is very helpful the country of Italy.

Location of the Apennines

The Apennines Mountains go right through Italy in Europe, and because Italy is a peninsula, these mountains don't border any other countries.

Size of the Apennines

The Apennines Mountains are very large. With a length of roughly 750 miles long and a width of roughly 160 miles wide. The highest point on the Apennine Mountain range is aproximatley 9, 560 feet.
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Physical Characteristics

The Apennines Mountains are home to several rivers that run through it. Three main rivers are the Arno river, the Tiber River, and the Volturno River. This mountain range is also more rugged than other mountains. Animals found in his mountain range include Brown Bears, Wolves, and Wild Boars. Main types of trees found here(in the north) are Pines, Woodlands with Oak, Beech trees, and Chesnut trees. The weather here is all over the place. With high heat in the Summer, lots of snow in the Winter, and lots of rain in the Spring.
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Human Characteristics

Over several years people have changed the environment of the Apennines Mountains by building railroad tunnels, highway passes, and small villages. The people living in the small villages live of the land by farming and hunting the animals found there. The language spoken by most people living in the Apennines is italian.
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Natural Resources

Natural resources found in the Apennines Mountains include marble, natural gases, mercury, boron, varying salts, and marble. All of these minerals and natural resources are very important and helpful to people all around the world. For example people all around the world wear jewelry which has marble in it. Another big example is the natural gas. Humans use this gas to run their cars and get around.

The Analysis

Human geography is connected to the physical geography because the people that live in the Apennines rely on the mountain's soil to farm. The Apennines have affected the people that live here by... -Giving them water to drink and fish to eat from all of the rivers that the mountain has within it.

-Making it hard to interact with other people due to the ruggedness of the mountains.