By Macy S.

What is Ariel?

Ariel is one of the 27 moons for Uranus. Ariel is also the brightest of all of the moons.

Who discovered Ariel?

First of all we should know about who discovered Ariel and how it was named. Ariel was discovered by William Lassel in 1851. Ariel was named after the Airy spirit in one of Shakespeare's plays. Ariel is pronouned Air-ee-ul.

What does Ariel look like?

Some of you may be wondering what does Ariel look like. Ariel has broad curving valleys on its surface. There are also huge canyons that cut across the face of Ariel. The craters were formed by either liquid ammonia, methane, or carbon monoxide. Scientist have proven that the craters could not have been formed by water.
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What is Ariel made out of?

Another important thing to know about Ariel is what does it consist of. Ariel is a composition of ice/water and rock. Ariel's intercore consists of rock. The inner core is surrounded by a mantle of ice. Scientists say that Ariel shows signs of tectonic activity such as cryovolcanism.
Uranus Moons

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How big is Ariel?

Lastly we are going to learn about the size of Ariel. Ariel is a diameter of 720 miles. Ariel is fourth largest moon for Uranus. Ariel is similar to Titania but Titania is 35% bigger. Arielis the same size as Umbriel.


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