Week Five!

English 122

Week 5 - You Made It!

You've made it beyond the half-way point thanks to your hard work and effort. I encourage you to read over my gradebook and Waypoint comments and feedback as usual. I know we had some bumpy patches in the road, but I'm excited to see how you've all managed to get behind the wheel and take charge. I hope you feel very proud of the progress you've made!

This week you will discover WriteLab, a helpful revision tool, and will participate in a full peer review session. Be sure to carefully read my Instructor Guidance and the assigned readings prior to posting your discussion responses. Although you’ve completed your research, pre-writing, and drafting stages, you will probably find yourself re-doing some of your previous work this week. As you begin revising your draft, you may find some research gaps or organizational issues. If that’s the case, be sure to head back to the library to get more evidence to support your claims and/or make adjustments to your outline to ensure clarity and good structure. Research and organization can continue to flow into every step of the process, even our two remaining steps:

1. Revision

2. Final Draft

When responding to discussion prompts this week, read each forum topic/question thoroughly before responding with your initial post. Don’t forget to share two substantive peer replies within each discussion forum and address each part of the “Respond to Peers” section of the instructions. Peer reviews rely upon great peer responses!

Time Management Checklist

Here is a day-by-day checklist to help you plan ahead and set aside study hours. I encourage you to do a portion of the work each day while still completing all assignments by their due dates. If you can work ahead, please do! There is no penalty for early submission. There are, however, consequences for missing deadlines.


Read Week 5 Instructor Guidance and view the Introductory Video for Week 5

Begin your reading assignments, listed in the “Resources” section of the overview page

Continue revising your draft

Set up your Grammarly account if you have not already done so


Continue readings and review multimedia and supplemental resources

Begin responding to discussions

Attempt Week 5 Reading Quiz (you have three attempts for this quiz)

This is your last chance to submit your essay to the writing center for paper review


Begin proofreading your draft; utilize your Grammarly account

Both of your initial discussion posts are due

Week 5 Reading Quiz is due

Review the Ashford Writing Center APA Guides again; contact writing center staff with any remaining questions/concerns


Read all classmates’ initial posts in discussions

Begin responding to classmates in discussions

Review discussion grades and feedback in the gradebook

Continue working on your final paper


Respond to classmates and instructor in discussions

Continue working on your revisions with WriteLab and use Grammarly for final proofreading

Review ENG122 course materials to clear up confusion and find answers

Complete End of Course Survey (see your email inbox) and verify your participation in class


Week 5 Assignment: Research Paper Final Draft is due

Wrap up discussions; this is the last day to post in Week 5

Some Final Thoughts and Wishes

I want to say thank you for all of your hard work.
As we wrap up this term, you should look at your foundation and know it is strong enough now, because of this course, to carry you into the next term and all future terms.
All that you learned in this class will be called up on in future courses in one way or another.
With that, I want to thank you for sticking with it, showing up, and shining.
It was an honor to work with you and I am delighted to be a small part in your journey at Ashford.