Cabrini Green

By Kevin Kellner

What was Cabrini Green?

  • It was home to 15,000 people
  • The first building was build in 1942
  • It was build a low-rise apartment project for war workers
  • It was named Frances Cabrini homes after the first American canonized saint by the Catholic Church.
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Different buildings of Cabrini-Green

What were the problems?

  • CHA failed to repair building and maintain landscaping as they deteriorated
  • Poverty and organized crime have long been associated with the area
  • During the worst years of Cabrini-Green problem's, vandalism increased substantially
  • Gang members and miscreants covered interior walls with graffiti and damaged doors,windows, and elevators
  • Everything was torn down in March 2011
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The destruction of Cabrini-Green