Paul Wieloch

Judy's Traits

One of Judy's traits is that she is looking for love, we first meet her at the police station when she was brought in for wondering around in the middle of the night. This also leads into her next trait of being a loner. She is a loner because she hangs out with a sketchy group just to try to fit in, and when Buzz died she instantly moved on and fell in love with Jim.

My question was what did the Chicke fight mean/ symbolize, I said shows that Buzz or Jim didn't really want to do it because they both seemed not to want to do it, but did it to fit in and that' s what the whole stories about all 3 characters trying to be more normal.

Family Problems

Judy's act rebellious in the movie because of her family situation. Judy's father doesn't love her even though Judy wants to be loved by her father but she is forcing it like when she wants to kiss him and he pushes her away and then he pays attention to her younger brother.

The 2 different colored socks symbolize the most to me because that shows how Plato doesn't have a family figure to tell him otherwise and it also shows his childish side.

Did she change

She did change because, once buzz died she started to hang out with a new group of friends being Plato and Jim however that didn't work out the best either.