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What's in the Flyer??

ERC Information:
  • Meeting Info
  • Student Worker Pictures
  • Group Me
  • Birthdays
  • Upcoming ERC Closings

Other Information:

  • Harding Hacks
  • Upcoming Race opportunity


ERC Meeting

Thanks to all who attended yesterday's meeting. I know it was long but I appreciate all who took the time to attend...and not fall asleep : ) If you were unable to attend the meeting please make sure you get the information that was covered by setting up a time to meet with me. Also, there were several things that I couldn't get to because of time or that I forgot to mention. I will email some info to you all as reminders of other things. Thanks again!

New Student Worker Pictures

If you are new, as most of you are, we need a picture of you to go on our website. I would like you to take a picture while you're in the ERC. You can reference the ERC website if you need ideas of what I mean. Those that have pictures already on the website but they are your Facebook picture, please ask your coworker to take a picture of you the next time you're working....THANKS!

Group Me

I have personally added each of you to the GroupMe group. When you're at work I ask that you log in to your GroupMe account so that you can leave messages as needed. Thanks!

Happy Birthday!!!

Be sure to wish Shali Tacker (09.07) and Jordan Loukota (09.09) a "Happy Birthday"

Upcoming ERC Closings

The ERC will close the following dates:

Friday, October 2 - Sunday, October 4 (FALL BREAK!)

Other Information

Harding Hacks

Academic Resource Services and HU Square 1 are excited to announce the "HU Hacks" The second HU Hacks learning seminar is this Thursday, Sept. 10th, at 4:00 in McInteer 150. I encourage you to attend. The seminar is entitled, "Resource Replay: What does HU have to offer you? A recap of the Center for Student Success and other resources."

Micah Rine 5K

The Micah Rine 5K is part of the Legacy Series of races (Wildcat Road Mile, Micah Rine 5K, and Breakaway 10K). If you're interested in running a local 5K and help support the Harding Academy Micah Rine Wellness Room and Student Scholarships then this race is right for you : ) Follow this LINK to find out more and sign up!