Teen's issues

by: Adriana Fernandez R.love psychology 7, October, 2015


Anorexia is lack or loss of appetite food (as medical condition). This is shown more on girls and teens because some people try to go om a diet and then end up being so into their weight and how they look to people. You can tell when someone suffers from Anorexia when: Extreme weight loss, thin appearance, brittle nails, dry skin, low blood pressure, hair thin. Usually involves a combination of psychological therapy. It is important to supervise weight. Many people suffer from this because show they see other peoples body and they see theirs and they want theirs perfect. You see it more in teens then adults
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Anxiety is when are feeling worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event something with an uncertain outcome. you know you have Anxiety if : surge of overwhelming panic, hot flashes or panic, hyperventilation, trembling or shaking. Anxiety is cause when you are stress over thinking having problems in any spot of life and it has a affect on you. Anxiety usually i from depression . This is shown more in adults and teens , adults they have job, family, bills, etc and they got to much and they think they cant go on more and just for one little thing thing that goes wrong they react and make a big deal about it. solutions for this may be drugs or pill to clam you down but not for long it will just come back. Many people go to therapy others to many other things like: drink calming teas , mind body techniques, eat chocolate, go for a run, go to a spa so you can relief the stress
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Suicide is a MAJOR issue worldwide suicide is cause for many things ONE reason that leads to suicide is bullying. When you feel like nothing in this world matters and people don't want to see you and make fun of you and you just don't know what to do and you want it to stop but you cant there it pops up DEATH. You know someone is thinking about taking their life when they talk about their life's not mattering to nobody everyone hates them they don't want to be live

Fifty-four percent of completed suicides are done by firearm.. 40% of college students will report feeling so depressed

5-10% will report thoughts of suicide Each year, 34,598 people die by suicide, an average of 94 completed suicides every day. More people die by suicide (34,598) than by homicide (18,361) in the United States. Suicide is the eleventh-leading cause of death across all ages.

drug addiction

Is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will. In fact, because drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so. Most drugs addiction start with experimental use of drugs in social situation, feeling that you have to use drugs regularly, having intense urges for the drugs, making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug, All these are showing a person that they have a drug addiction. According to the substance abuse and mental health services administrations (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drugs Use and Health, 23.5 million people aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009 ( 9.3 percent of persons aged 12 or older. Treatment consists of psychiatrists, physician, psychologist, physiotherapist, and counselors who are all authorities in the field of addiction.

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