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The week ahead... December 7 - 11

Please update all hallway bulletin boards by Wednesday

Monday, December 7

4th grade Status of the Class (refer to schedule)

Tuesday, December 8

2nd Status of the Class (refer to schedule)

Wednesday, December 9 -Angel Tree gifts due today!!

1st Status of the Class (refer to schedule)

Science DCA #1 1st-4th

Above and Beyond meeting

AFTSE reps will be in the lounge 10 – 1 p.m.

If you need to schedule appts. with reps please:

· do so before or after school hours only

o appts. can no longer interfere during business hours

o be waiting for them in the front office

· if you need to cancel please call reps directly in advance

Ladies in the front office will not make courtesy calls during instructional hours.

Thursday, December 10

3rd Status of the Class (refer to schedule)

Social Studies DCA - 3rd

Team Leader Meeting

Evening with Santa - at least half of each team needs to participate

Friday,December 11

1st Status of the Class continued (refer to schedule)

Saturday, December 12

Bicycle Day! 7:00 - 1:00

Cycle Houston will be here to give the bikes to our students in grades K-3, and Mrs. Silva will also be here with her bikes for the students in grades PK and 4th from Walmart.

Cycle Houston brings their own staff of people to help with the bikes. However, we are also going to ask our staff members if they would like to volunteer to help on Saturday with Cycle Houston and Silva’s bikes from Walmart.

Any help is appreciated!!

Do you still use any of these? They could be holding you back.

Mission Monday

Students -

Whenever your teacher tells you something that you may not like to hear or do, say ok, don't argue, just say ok

Teachers -

If a student doesn't just say ok, don't argue or take it personally, use this moment to build your relationship with him/her to see if there is something going on that they need to talk about or help with

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Horn Hero of the Week - staff questionnaire - please fill out if you haven't already

Click on the link to complete the Staff questionnaire. If you are the winning staff member, this is the information we will display.

Shout Outs and Celebrations

Congratulations ....Mr. Magehee on the birth of your baby girl:

Samantha Gail Magehee:

Born 12/1/15 @ 11:30pm
8 lbs 12 oz!! 20 3/4 inches!!

Thank you to everyone who made Parent Engagement Week a success!!

Special thanks to Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Scudder, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Powe for joining me at the AIE conference

Thank you to all those who participated in Literacy Night - you made a difference!!

Horn’s Wellness Team received 3rd place for our displays about milk. The displays were in the cafeteria and the rotunda.

Pasta for Pennies/ Leukemia and Lymphoma Society results

We collected $2613.38.

The winner of the pasta party is Mr. Hernandez’s class with a total collection of $142.78. Ms. Orbegoso’s class came in a close second with $140.35.

Both of their classes will receive a Bronze Pennant.

These classes won a popcorn party for raising $75 or more:

Ms. Orbegoso, Ms. Vega, Ms. Andrea Juarez, Ms. Marsh, and Ms. Cabañas’ classes.

As a school we collected…

42,183 Pennies for a total of $421.83

4,852 Nickels for a total of $242.60

6,217 Dimes for a total of $669.25

No Half-Dollars

14 Dollar coins for a total of $14.00

Cash paper money totaled $1265.70

Thank you to all participants Mr. Hernandez-$142.78, Ms. Orbegoso-$140.35, Ms. Vega-$96.80, Ms. Andrea Juarez-$90.38, Ms. Marsh-$86.36, Ms. Cabañas-$74.90,

Ms. Sanchez-$74.00, Monolingual Pre-K-$73.51, Ms. Goodman-$73.13, Ms. Cavazos-$69.92, Ms. Laura Gonzalez-$62.12, Ms. Zurita-$61.80, Ms. Becerra-$60.60, Mrs. A?-$58.33, Ms. Cinthia Rodriguez-$58.33,Ms. Buruca-$52.92, Ms. Barron-$51.31, Ms. Ronding-$50.04, Mr. Rock-$44.54, Ms. Powe-$40.72, Mr. Flores and Ms. Luckert-$35.85, Ms. Sadat-$34.32, Ms. Solano-$33.49, Ms. Rodgers-$29.93, Ms. Aguilar-$29.78Ms. Jenny Gonzalez-$26.61, Ms. Akinrinde-$$24.52, Ms. Pumarejo-$24.00, Ms. Frank-$23.96, Ms. Washington-$23.17, Ms. Oldmixon’s class collected $22.67 Ms. Anderson-$21.23, Ms. Lydia Juarez-$19.16, Ms. Sivak-$18.68, Ms. White-$15.86, Ms. Torres-$12.39, Ms. Montenegro-$10.56, Structure-$10.23, Ms. Mejia-$9.91, Ms. Jackson-$7.50.

Staff Birthdays

Monica Abousaway-Dec. 2

Jill Lawson-Dec. 5

Amy Granados-Dec. 6

From the desk of Mr. Chambers

Dear Alief Staff Members,

You have heard me say time again that I am positive that we have the best teachers and staff members of any school district in the state. Attracting and retaining those top-notch employees is made possible through the hard work of our Human Resources staff.

We would like to invite you to play a role in helping us attract even more quality teachers and employees. One easy way that you can assist in that effort is by referring quality teachers to Alief ISD.

Any current employee, except for district administrators and substitutes, is eligible to earn up to $500 for each referral who is hired by Alief ISD and who works 90 days or more. The referral cannot be Alief student teachers, long-term substitutes, part-time employees, or interns, and they must meet the usual requirements for employment. Please contact Human Resources for additional guidelines if you have good candidates in mind that you would like to refer.

Thanks again for what you do for our students and keep those referrals coming!

Library Late Days

2nd Wednesday of each month.

December 9th

January 13th

February 10th

March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

Absence Management System Upgrade (Effective 11/24/2015)

SmartFind Express, the Alief ISD absence management system, is in the process of being upgraded to the newest version. This process will take place over several months.

The first phase will occur over our Thanksgiving Holidays; the target date is November 24, 2015. You will continue to use our existing system until that date; any absences entered will transition to the new system.

Things to Know as We Make This Transition

· The SmartFind URL is changing. Please note the new URL:

· You may continue to access the system through the district website at: > Staff > Employee Absence System.

· The calling system telephone number (281-983-1624) will remain the same.

· You will use the SAME ID and PIN to access the system (telephone or web).

· The system will not be accessible November 24, 2015 due to the upgrade.

If you find that you need assistance or information – please contact your HR Substitute Specialist:

Wanda Adekoya x5250

Cinthya Barrios x2130

Pam Hortenstine x4040

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc