The Holocaust

"If you can save one life you can save the world"

The rise of Nazi Germany

The Holocaust is a tragic event that is a name for the attempted genocide of the Jewish race. It started with Adolf Hitler, a young German man, who was the dictator of all of Germany. But before that let me tell his story...Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20th 1889 with his Father and Mother and baby sister Paula. Hitler wanted to be a professional artist so he found the school Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but failed the entrance exam. Hitler lived in Germany with his friend August Kubizek until Adolf joined the German army.

World War I began in 1914 and Hitler was appointed corporal and Given two medals; Iron cross first and second class. After the war many soldiers didn't have a job, and many business owners were Jewish or communists. Hitler was outraged. Hitler now 29 became interested in politics. Captain Mayr, a World War I soldier, asked Hitler if he wanted to participate in a course lecturing people about how the army was still great. Hitler applied right away. Adolf was lecturing people about how the Jews were the problem of Germany's misfortune's and it was their fault Germany lost the war. Soon Hitler began attracting many people and they began believing him.

Stan Ronell

Stan Ronell is a survivor of the Holocaust in 1938-45. Stan was 8 years-old at the time when the Nazi Soldiers invaded Poland, his home town. Stan and his mother went place to place finding somewhere they could be safe. They found a home and were given a closet that barley fit the both of them. But one day a Nazi soldier entered the home and was looking for something, the owner of the home that were keeping the Jews (Stan and his mother) hurried away to find the item the Nazi needed. The soldier's curiosity got the best of him and he was going to the closet and was going to open it, but the owner came back and gave him the item. Soon after Stan and his mother embark on a journey to Hungary, 600 miles through mountains and finally made it after two weeks. Stan now is living in the United States and teaching kids about the Holocaust.

What Message do I want to share?

I have a message, but its not from me. During our Holocaust presentation Bert Tobin, a Holocaust speaker, turned to us with a serious look and said ""If you can save one life you can save the world". That message is a very powerful and meaningful message to me, I feel that its true. Even if its one person its one less person that will be hurt.