Awareness For Displaced People

By Jasmine Green

What is Displaced People?

Displaced people refers to the notion of the forced movement of people from their locality or environment and occupational activities. It is a form of social change caused by a number of factors, most commonly being armed conflict. Natural disasters, famine, development and economic changes may also be a cause of displacement.
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The pictures above are of displaced people who were forced to move from their home and travel to a camp elsewhere.
Fighting for Displaced People

Possible Solutions

Some solutions to this problem is to not force them to move and instead let them have a choice or say in the matter. We should have plans ready just in case disaster strikes or there's a war so that there will always be a stash or a backup plan for as many people as they can possibly hold. There should be organizations on standby for volunteering to help displaced people

Call to Action

We should all pitch into help every displaced person in the world. We're all humans and the only way we're gonna survive is through unity and helping one another. Try to join any organization that helps refugees or give to charities that help towards those causes. Every action counts.