All About Rickey Badwal


Who am I?

My name is Rickey Badwal and I was born on May 27, 2000 in Brampton, Ontario. I am an adventurous, fun-loving, kind, social, and enthusiastic person who loves to be active, and be around people constantly. I like to travel, listen to music, and play sports. The places I have traveled to are United States, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, and Costa Rica, where I have experienced breath taking views and made many great memories. I like to listen to all kinds of music but generally rap and hip hop music, as my favourite artist is Eminem, because I can connect with his music. I also like to play all kinds of sports as I enjoy physical activity, but my favourite sport is hockey, as I find it very exciting, intense, and competitive.

My Life Line

My Favourite Things

Lose Yourself by Eminem | Eminem
Crosby's Golden Goal as seen on FIVE telecasts
Entire Breaking Bad Series in 3 Minutes

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is being a leader as a DELEGATOR, which is a leader who expects results from each individual, and participates by compiling the results for the group as a whole. The end goal is broken down into smaller tasks, which are assigned to each member. I exercised this leadership style when I was captain of my ball hockey team for Sunny View Middle School. The end goal of winning, was broken down into smaller tasks, which I assigned to each and everyone of my teammates, expecting them to perform at a high level.

My Influences

My main influences are my friends and family as I have grown with them, and they have made me who I am today, shaping my personality and characteristics. They have influenced my interests and hobbies, such as playing hockey, watching UFC, and more. I developed a passion for the sport of hockey due to them, and wouldn't have been playing if they weren't playing. My friends and family have introduced me to many things that I cherish and am thankful for.

My Role Model

My role model is my dad. He immigrated from India to Canada, to begin a new life, and worked hard to get to the position he is in today. He has provided for me and my family, and now we are able to live a stable, and stress free life because of his actions. I look up to my dad, and want to be just like him when I grow up, working just as hard, and providing for my children. My dad gets me through difficult situations, and I know he will always be there when I need him, constantly pushing me to achieve greater heights.

My Future

In the future, I hope to pursue a career in business, science, or law as these three fields interest me, and I will be able to secure a good job as I specialize in one of the three. I am interested in these fields because I like to learn about law and government, the human body and elements, and am very good at math, as I understand difficult concepts very easily. I plan to achieve one of these careers by graduating from secondary school with high marks, and then being accepted to a university that specializes in one of the fields, where I will then expand my knowledge to become an expert at the subject.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test

Learning Style: Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual

After completing the learning styles survey, the results were fairly even as I am a auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learner. I feel like I learn best by hearing and listening because I easily understand what someone is trying to teach. Once I understand, I can begin to do the activity for myself. If I am not able to understand by hearing or listening, then I like to be more visual and see how it would work by looking and thinking about it. Lastly, I'd try for myself to see if I am able to figure out and understand the concepts by being hands on. I feel like these results truly matched my learning styles, as I agree with them.

Personality Test

Personality Type: ENFP

After completing the personality survey, the results were that my personality type is ENFP (extroverted, intuiting, feeling, perceiving). I believe these results are accurate as I am an outgoing person, who likes to speak my mind, share my ideas, and express myself. I understand situations very quickly, and does not take a lot of explaining. I also like to connect with people's emotions to try and help them. For these reasons, I believe the results for this survey are accurate.

Interests Test

Interest Type: Catalyst

After completing the interest survey, the results were that my interest type was catalyst, as my main interest trait was social, then enterprising. I believe I am more interested socially, as my surroundings are important to me. I like to be more involved socially, and represent myself in a good environment. I am unsure about my enterprising interest trait, as I do not know if I would be interested in starting and driving new projects, but it does however pertain to business which is something I am interested in. Since I am a social person, but am unsure about my enterprising trait, I believe these results are somewhat accurate.

Knowledge Test

Subject Area: Physical Education

After completing the knowledge survey, the results for my top subjects were physical education, then business, then science. I agree with these results as I am a really physical and active person, and believe that physical education is really important to be successful, as well as healthy. I am interested in business studies and mathematics as I hope to pursue these fields as I graduate secondary school. I am also interested in science and law as they are also my career options, as it interests me. These results truly matched how I am as a person, which is why I agree with these results.

Motivations Test

Motivation: Working Conditions

After completing the motivations survey, the results were that my top motivation factor is working conditions, and then achievement. I disagree with these results as I believe I am more motivated by achievements. As I achieve goals, I am motivated to achieve more, and go beyond my limit to become even more successful at what I am doing. Although working conditions are important to me, I think achievements is what drives me and pushes me to do more. It is also really important that I work in good conditions, with supporting people around me. I feel like these results were inaccurate as I believe I am more motivated by achievements, rather than working conditions, as I disagree with them.

Multiple Intelligences Test

  1. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Strength (Score: 90)
  2. Naturalist Strength (Score: 80)
  3. Musical and Logical Strength (Score: 70)
  4. Kinesthetic and VIsual Strength (Score: 60)
  5. Existential and Verbal Strength (Score: 50)

After completing the multiple intelligence survey, my results ranked from strongest to weakest were interpersonal and intrapersonal strength, naturalist strength, musical and logical strength, kinesthetic and visual strength, existential and verbal strength. My scores varied from 90 to 50. My strongest strengths were interpersonal and intrapersonal, meaning knowing about myself as well as knowing about other people. My weakest strengths were existential and verbal strength, meaning I am weaker when faced by philosophy, and verbally.

I was not surprised by the inventory as I generally agreed with my results. I believe I do know myself really well, and have the ability to understand others really well too. I have a strong naturalistic, musical, and logical sense as I am constantly concerned by environmental issue, and am constantly getting through days with music. I enjoy music over most things, and it is definitely a big part in my life. I also feel like I am very logical, as it does not take much to explain concepts to me, as I understand fairly quickly. I am a very active person, as I prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors. I enjoy being outside of the house and constantly doing things, rather than staying home and watch television. Also, I am very visual as I like to see and view different things, as it is easier to understand when it is seen visually. The only thing I disagreed with was my verbal strength as I feel like I am stronger verbally, as I speak my mind, and talk things through. I believe my verbal actions have a strong impact and effect on people. Overall, I agreed with the results and I think they’re fairly accurate representation of my strengths.

Knowing my strongest strength, intrapersonal and interpersonal, I will use it to help me with my learning as well as others learning. I know myself very well, so I know I will be able to solve most problems I encounter during my learning, and know when to seek help. I know what I will be able to do independently, and what I will need help with, which I can use to complete tasks, and manage my time. I will also be able to help others learn by speaking to them, and being able to get them to understand different tasks they’re confused with. I will be able to understand how the person sees the problem, and will know how they feel about it, and by knowing this I will be able to know where they are having difficulty. That is how I will use my strongest strengths to help me with my learning right now, as well as in the future.

True Colours Test

  1. Curious Green and Adventurous Orange (Score: 5/5)
  2. Harmonious Blue and Responsible Gold (Score: 4/5)

I agree with my true colour assessment as I think my scores were accurate. I feel like I am really curious, harmonious, adventurous, and responsible so I was not surprised by the results. I am a independent, self motivated person, but am also social, and talkative. I enjoy learning new things, and expanding my knowledge in and otutside of school.I am fun loving, sporty, competitive, and like to take risks, giving me an adventurous personality. I also obtain the qualities of respect, organization, and time management, as I always complete my work on time, and help others as much as I can. I believe I am a friendly person, and like to connect with people emotionally, and am comfortable talking to people about different feelings.

I checked off 18 out of 20 statements, the only 2 being “I need order in my life” and “I need to hear encouragement from others”. I do not need order in my life as I like to live in the moment, and go with the flow, living stress free. I do not need constant plan, routine, or schedule to follow to keep order in my life, as I’d rather live freely, without worrying about being behind. Also, I do not need to hear encouragement from others because it does’t affect me. I am able to encourage myself to strive and achieve new things, and don’t have to constantly hear it from others to be motivated.