Rolland Ingraham

My Great-Grandpa

Nice to Meet You

Rolland is also sometimes called Rolly, and his middle name is Oliver. He was born on the first of June, in 1918. He is still currently alive and is almost ninety seven.

Rolly and His Family

He married Alice Mae Bales in November, 1941 and had three daughters. Their names were Pam, my grandmother who was born in 1946, Pat, who was born in 1948, and Karen who was born in 1950.

Rolly As a Child

He was born in Amity, Oregon and he lived in Oregon most of his childhood, but lived in California as an adult. His parents were named Leila Samuel and William Ingraham. He was the youngest of six, and he had three sisters and two brothers. Samuel was the oldest, but sadly died at the age of 21, then Mildred was the oldest daughter, Ester was the second oldest girl, then Paul who died when he was nine, and Ruth was the youngest daughter, and was Rolly's twin sister.

What happened during his lifetime?

Rolly actually experienced both of the world wars. When he was born, World War I was almost over, and he fought in World War II. He experienced the Great Depression and President Roosevelt's new deal. He also experienced the first personal computer made in 1970, the Kenbak-1, which cost $750.00. At the time that was 12% of the average person's annual earnings. Rolly also got to experience the first Apple iPhone introduced 28 days after his birthday in 2007. The day he was born, the White Sox lost 5-4 against the NY Yankees.

World War II

Rolland fought in the navy during World War II, then he was a civilian and he had a profession in Military Instrument Manufacturing at McClellan air force base. He retired at age 57 from that same job. He has been retired for 40 years.

Rolly Talking About Himself