Emily Hoisington's School Year


Significant Events

  • Got the cops called on me???
  • Went to the Joplin mall
  • Blew up a school microwave
  • Started my own photography website
  • Got stuck in a dryer
  • Set my hair on fire
  • Accidentally applied to college
  • Legit got haunted for a few months
  • Meet a crazy gas station guy
  • Dreamt the future
  • Stapled my arm
  • Snuck into the neighborhood pool at night
I learned to be more confident.

Good things happen to those with confidence.

I learned that the arts are very important to me.

Visual and performing arts are a part of me.


I have so many amazing memories from this school year! It is indescribable how blessed I am to have so many sweet and fun people in my life to help create those memories. There's WAY too many pictures, people, and memories that I could interlude in this, and for that I thank everyone.


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