By: Abigail Crowder


  • Born in Florence, Italy, 1386. There is not enough information to determine his birthdate.
  • He grew up in Florence, and stayed there for most of his life, until he died there in 1466.
  • Donato di Niccol
  • He devoted his life to making sculpture and teaching students about sculpture.
  • Donatello made sculptures. For example, his David, St. Mark, or St. John.
  • Was patroned by the Medici family.

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The David

  • The David was created in 1408, but reworked in 1416.
  • This statue is Donatello's depiction of David. This statue is significant because it is the first nude-male, freestanding sculpture.
  • I find this statue interesting because it was made of bronze, which was most likely, very difficult to sculpt in the renaissance era.
  • Humanism is strongly reflected through this piece of art as it is the shape of an ideal renaissance man.

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