Karl Marx

By: Noah Fredericksen

Karl Marx

-Karl was the first to speak out and tell the people that the government was controlling everyone, and they didn't know until he told them.

-Marx wrote over 192 books

-In 1847 he formed a group that followed in the communist ways

-being an infuencial political writer, it is said that almost half the people in the world lived in countries governed by principles based on Marx's work.

Quote & Statistic

Karl Marx's book touched millions of people with his book

"I make friends with very few people, but I highly value them."

-Karl Marx

Who was Karl Marx influenced by?


I think that Karl Marx has the potential to move on because he was the one to start communism, and help show the people of Russia, and other places that they were being used by the government, and the rich for their own benefit. Without Karl Marx there would be less communism because of him promoting it.