North Texas Summer Dance Intensive

updated June 8th

JUNE INTENSIVE 8th-11th, 2023

Join KJ DANCE as we host internationally acclaimed Master Teachers for an Incredible Summer of Dance Training

North Texas Dance Intensive Location:

KJ DANCE - PLANO - 4017 PRESTON ROAD #546 - Plano Texas, 75093


We are so excited to welcome you to the annual North Texas Summer Dance intensive. This exciting week is designed for dancers looking to elevate their dance education. The intensive will offer the classical techniques of ballet and modern, contemporary, improv, hip hop, jazz, musical theater, and specialty trainings for developing artists. Dancers will explore new ideas of movement and artistic excellence, harvesting a love of dance within versatility. Each dancer is immersed in the various forms of dance to create the ideal well rounded dancer. Dancers will be challenged technically and artistically through a wide variety of classes taught by KJ faculty and professional artists from around the country.

We look forward to watching you shine this week!

Who is the North Texas Summer Dance Intensive for?

Open to dancers auditioning for a competitive company at KJ, as well as, non auditioning DFW dancers who only wish to participate in the intensive classes. If you have interest in being evaluated for a position on the competitive team, you MUST complete the “Intent to Audition Form” linked below. If you are only taking classes, you will not need to complete this form!

Intent to Audition Form

What does the audition process look like at intensive?

The audition process begins as the dancers arrive at the intensive. The KJ Faculty will be assessing them during each of their classes all week. Dancers auditioning will simply come, take class, and have fun. Dancers will not be asked to perform a certain combo or routine. KJ faculty will be taking notes on each dancer throughout the week to determine their placement for the 2023-2024 dance season.

*Please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day to get your dancer's picture taken, and name tags for the week.

Intensive Levels

Level 1: designed for students that

1) train 1.5-4 hrs/week or

2) current EDGE J or EDGE K dancers

3) PULSE Tiny, or Petite dancers

Level 2: designed for students that

1) train 5-9 hrs/week

2) current EDGE E dancer

3) PULSE Mini, or Junior

4) VIBE dancer

Level 3: designed for students that

1) PULSE Teen, Senior or Pre Pro dancer

*KJ Faculty and Master teachers are assessing all students each day to ensure that all dancers are leveled correctly. If your dancer is placed in the wrong level of intensive, you will be notified by the KJ faculty and your dancer will be moved. If your dancer's intensive costs changes the difference will be reimbursed/charged to your account. It is our goal to provided a differentiated training experience for each dancer. Our goal is that dancers are challenged, yet not frustrated.

Schedules for the Intensive

Please check a few days prior to intensives beginning for dancer's specific group. Their intensive times will not change, but the group they are placed in will determine their schedule.

Leveled Intensive Groups:

Level 1 groups- click here

Level 2 groups- click here

June 8th- Thursday's Intensive Schedule

June 9th- Friday's Intensive Schedule

June 10th- Saturday's Intensive Schedule

June 11th-Sunday's Intensive Schedule

*Schedules subject to change.

What time should dancers arrive?

On the first day of intensives, dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to their first class. They will check in with the office, receive their name tags for the week, and get their audition headshot taken. After the first day, please have dancers arrive 15 minutes prior to their first class. Dancers are encouraged to go to the restroom before and after classes.

What should dancers wear to class?

Dancers should take all classes in tight fitting attire appropriate for the genre of class they will be taking. For all ballet classes, dancers will wear pink tights, any color leotards and pink ballet shoes. Dancer's hair must be in a bun for all ballet classes.

Dancers must have all appropriate shoes for all classes they are taking. All dancers hair must be pulled away from their face, except for ballet and a bun is required. When choosing what to wear for the week, think along the lines of convention/workshop attire.

Dancers will not have time to completely change clothes, so if they do have ballet, they will need attire they can wear over their ballet clothes. It is extremely important that dancers are on time to each class, so changing attire completely will not be permitted.

What to Bring?

Each day dancers should bring with them water, a healthy snack, appropriate clothes and shoes for each class. For contemporary classes, dancers are barefoot or wear tan socks. If a dancer chooses to bring their phone, it must remain in their bag and turned in off while they are taking class. Schedules of classes could change or alter, so have dancers bring all shoes each day.

Will my dancer need a lunch?

Level 1 dancers will not need a lunch, they will not have a lunch break. Level 2 and 3 dancers will have 30 minute break for lunch. Dancers that can drive may leave and come back, parents permitting. Non-driving dancers may leave with a parent and come back or they may pack a lunch and stay at the studio.

What to Expect after Intensive?

Placement for 2023 - 2024 and invitations into our competitive programs will be sent via email, on the last day of the intensive to auditioning dancers who attend the North Texas Summer Dance Intensive, June 11th by 10pm. Participation in the KJ Dance North Texas Summer Dance Intensive is required for dancers who wish to be considered for our PULSE and the KJ EDGE training programs.

Auditioning dancers will potentially receive placement for the 2023 - 2024 dance season in one of the following competitive track programs:

1. KJ EDGE Team

2. PULSE Dance Company

* If a dancer is offered placement in our KJ EDGE program, they will be invited to join us for EDGE technique classes through the summer and fall classes beginning August 14th. Team Placements for EDGE will be emailed on August 13th at 10pm. These teams are determined by KJ Faculty.

*If a dancer is offered placement within one of our PULSE companies they will need to be available for master classes and choreography the week of August 9-11th. The second intensive for all PULSE members is mandatory. Fall classes for PULSE company dancers will begin August 21st. PULSE Company placements will be emailed to all dancers on August 13th at 10pm.

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